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Short Order Queue (SOQ) Service

Do you need to implement changes to existing functionality or implement new functionality within Sage People?

Do you need the support of an experienced technical partner to implement these changes?

Let us help you.

Introducing our Short Order Queue Services

When your needs extend beyond the system's initial configuration, we're here to transform them into reality. Considered as ‘mini projects’, Short Order Queue (SOQ)  work goes beyond the typical day-to-day support, involving more significant configuration.

Unlike regular managed services support tickets, SOQ work requires a project-based approach.

Throughout the life of the SOQ project, we work collaboratively with our clients, ensuring their requirements translate seamlessly into system functions as we design and build processes tailored to our client's unique needs.

How does it work?

When completing SOQ work, the customer is supported through the entire process, from the ‘Initiate’ stage (when the project is kicked off) to the ‘Deploy’ stage. We adhere to the trusted Sage People documented processes, just like a full system implementation, ensuring a thorough understanding and translation of our client's requirements.

Regular meetings and training/coaching form an integral part of this journey, allowing our clients to witness the transformation from an idea on paper to a tangible, real-life process they can utilise for years to come. With our dedicated support, your vision becomes a reality, and we stand by your side every step of the way.

The client receives comprehensive support, both during and after go-live. Our customised communications, including user guides, system notes and personalised walk-through videos, extend beyond HR support and also cater for the wider business. This empowers the client's HR function to troubleshoot and guide their organisation through the change, with peace of mind that our managed services team can provide any additional support that may be required ensuring a seamless and successful transition.

Example of SOQ work

Our Managed Services team excels in delivering regular SOQ work for both existing and new clients. With a proven track record of excellence, we pride ourselves in empowering our clients with customised solutions that enhance their HR processes and improve their overall efficiency.

Our portfolio boasts a wide range of successful client SOQ projects, including intricate compensation planning with comprehensive calculations, streamlined HR administration automations, and the implementation of up-to-date performance configurations that make this exercise valuable for HR, Managers and Team Members.

Why Partner with Tugela People?

Simply put, we take the pain out of system changes!

We’ve worked with a vast number of customers, delivering bespoke Sage People solutions successfully for over ten years, so we know what “good” looks like.

You are assigned a dedicated HRIS consultant to handle your SOQ work. Having this single point of contact keeps communication simple and effective. Moreover, this allows us to capture valuable trends and lessons learned, enriching our knowledge and expertise. As a result, our clients reap the rewards of continuous improvement and enhanced services.

Certain projects may require additional approvals from Sage, and we are here to handle that process on your behalf. You will receive comprehensive documentation outlining the exact work we have completed and the reasons behind it, providing you with a record for future reference.

Partner with us for a seamless and rewarding HRIS experience!

How to engage?

Reach out to us now for more information or to discuss your SOQ project needs on tel +44(0)1908 030360 or email: Alternatively, complete the ‘Get in touch’ form, and a member of our team will contact you directly.