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Technical Adoption Overview

Realise the ROI of your Sage People HR System


Are you satisfied with the performance of your Sage People HRIS? Are you utilising all the features it offers? Is it meeting the requirements of your business and capable of adapting to the expanding needs of your organisation?

Realising the ROI of your System

Understanding how efficiently your Sage People HR System is working and if you are utilising it to its full effect whilst continuing to deliver against your strategic business objectives is essential. Sage People are frequently releasing new updates and functionality that you may not either be aware of or taking advantage of. Furthermore, the past few years have brought about significant changes, requiring businesses to adapt quickly. This has increased the demands on HR teams to align their practices and processes with those of the overall business and provide support to the workforce.

By undertaking a technical adoption overview, you will gain a thorough understanding of your system and identify gaps that may have emerged over time due to evolving systems and changing business needs. The process involves a technical run-through of your Sage People functionality and helps to determine which areas of the system you are utilising and which areas you are not. It highlights key areas that require development and assists in the production of a system roadmap based on your priorities and our recommendations.

What are the benefits?

  • Review if your system is addressing your needs and set up for future demands;
  • Enhance your system;
  • Identify and establish a plan to address any additional investment, training and support needs;
  • Take advantage of any new functionality.

A simple, pain-free 4 step process

Firstly, book your Sage People HR System Adoption Overview. One of our experienced Managed Services HRIS consultants will then schedule a call with you to determine your system priorities and the areas of focus

Secondly,collaborative review of your Sage People system and functionality will be undertaken to determine where there is scope for development.

Thirdly, the results of the review will be documented and presented to you with a detailed written report outlining our findings, recommendations, and advice on the best next steps for your business based on your priorities.

Lastly, the final step - a discussion as to how to take any recommendations forward. This can be in the form of a further system health check, scoping of an additional project or providing ongoing support via our Managed Services team.

Find out more by downloading our brochure:

Undertake a Technical Adoption Overview of your Sage People HRIS to understanding if it is meeting your needs. Learn more

What do our clients say about this service?

The Benefit for NPE is that you are covering all available packages; some I was aware of but others I was not aware existed but can really see we need to adopt. The second advantage is you are documenting my wish list, all the things I have wanted to implement over the last two years but haven’t had time to investigate fully. This means we have mutually generated a road map for enhancements for the next 12 months ( maybe longer) which I find quite exciting.
Barry Vaux, Senior Vice President, Nikon Precision Europe GmbH

"I am very grateful that you as a company are able to provide this. It helped our organisation to regroup and rethink our processes and really see where we can do better. This improves not only HR’s way of working, but the whole company benefits from it as our processes work smoother".
Janine Hammonds, HRIS Analyst, U-blox

"Tugela People were professional, knowledgeable on Sage People, patient and attentive in setting up their support services and conducting the Technical Adoption Overview required at the start. In addition, the team are responsive, flexible and easy to work with".
David Stephenson, HR Director, Laird Thermal Systems

"When the technical adoption process was completed, it gave me a deeper understanding of why we previously found the system over-complicated and not working as we needed it to".
Retained Managed Services Customer, Manufacturing Industry

How to book your Technical Adoption Overview

To book your Technical Adoption Overview or to discuss your requirements, please contact us on tel +44(0)1908 030360 or email: Alternatively, complete the ‘Get in touch’ form and a member of our team will contact you directly.


Why partner with Tugela People?

Tugela People are a Preferred Sage People partner and have been implementing and supporting Sage People since our inception in 2012. We uniquely combine Sage People technical experience with extensive HR process and change management skills to ensure that you are getting the most out of your system investment. We offer a full Sage People support service including implementations, project management, managed services, health checks, and a range of training options on a retained or project basis.

Jamie Wilkins, Head of Operations said, “We have helped a number of clients that have already gone through the implementation process and have asked themselves “what’s next?”. Whether it’s improving what’s already there due to business changes, or taking advantage of new functionality, we’ve successfully helped clients develop a system roadmap as part of our Technical Adoption Overview process to unlock the potential of what Sage People can offer and to further support the business.

As an experienced, technical team with a background in HR too, we know what “good” looks like, and a Technical Adoption Overview is a great starting point that can lead to bringing your Sage People system to where it needs to be based on our expert recommendations”.


Full details of our Managed Services support for Sage People are contained in our brochure.

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