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Extending the reach of your HRIS by adopting complementary systems and services, provides you with that much needed additional functionality for managing your people successfully. At Tugela People, we pride ourselves in partnering with best-of-breed vendors that offer these vital systems. Through our integration and HR Automation services, we can provide you with a seamless solution for your organisation's needs.


HR System

A recognised Sage People business partner. Learn more.

The Sage People HR system enables you to lead, manage and engage your people through the rapidly changing world of work with a multinational cloud-HR and People management system. Sage People is designed for global workforces (mid-sized organisations, with 200 – 5000 employees) and built for the end-to-end employee journey. Research shows that the Sage People HR System can increase productivity by over 80%.  T

As the first accredited UK Sage People partner, with preferred status and over 9 years of experience, Tugela People are HR system specialists with an extensive understanding of the Sage People software. Our team of dedicated and experienced HRIS consultants has over 40 years' collective experience in implementing Sage People and uniquely combine Sage People technical experience with extensive HR process and change management skills. Having implemented over 140 Sage People HR Systems and supported hundreds of other clients with integrations, project management and bespoke training sessions we are able to provide you with a complete end-to-end service.

Once your HR System is implemented, Tugela People will continue to support you through our Managed Services division. This ensures that you can have the confidence that the HR system is optimised to meet your needs and that your users are fully trained and supported, enabling them to get the most out of the system. This will enable you to focus on your core business (rather than system administration), reduce costs and improve the risk management associated with the legislative & technological aspects.

Learning Management System (LMS)

TalentLMS eLearning platform. Learn more



As an LMS solution, Tugela People offers TalentLMS – an all-in-one, feature-rich remote learning solution that's ideal for organisations of any size - regardless of industry and geographic location. So whether you're training employees, customers, or partners, you can provide all types of training- from onboarding to compliance - from one platform. In addition, this online lifelong training software lets you develop, deliver, and manage training programmes that help great teams grow.

Like all of the solutions Tugela People offer their clients, TalentLMS is considered the best-in-breed. As the first Epignosis partner in the UK, we are HR Systems specialists with extensive understanding of the TalentLMS software having undertaken various implementations, integrations and training sessions.

Clients can purchase TalentLMS directly through us as a recognised reseller and implementation partner. In addition to providing implementation and training services, we can also advise and assist with integrations as well as creating and setting up bespoke content and courses for employee, supplier or customer (via e-commerce) training.

Payroll Solution

Moorepay Payroll Solutions. Learn more.




As the first Moorepay reseller partner in the UK, Tugela People provides the country’s leading payroll solution, making payroll easy for companies of all sizes and sectors.

Enjoy easy-to-use software, automated calculations, and workflows, and get support from a team of dedicated experts. The Moorepay Payroll Solution is a secure, cloud-based system that provides everything you need to manage your payroll processing anytime, on any device.

Having your payroll and HR systems "speak" to each other is a must! Not only does it save time and avoid duplication, but it also ensures that processes are streamlined and administrative costs and errors are drastically reduced. The Moorepay Payroll Solution can be easily integrated with your existing HR systems to create more efficient workflows. Tugela People provides a complete HR System Automation service to integrate the Moorepay Payroll Solution with your current HR System. The combination of Moorepay and Sage People is an ideal mix, and we provide the integration between the systems that ensure employees are paid accurately and on time.

Tugela People’s extensive integration capability has also made us the “go-to” partner for Moorepay when its customers have a need to connect to different systems.

Time and Attendance

Deputy, Time and Attendance, Learn more.

If your workforce includes colleagues who "clock in and out", or if you need a rostering system to ensure adequate staffing levels, Deputy offers an ideal solution. With flexible scheduling capability, mobile check-in, and much more. Deputy is established as a leader in the Time and attendance arena. Compliance safeguards are built-in, and all scheduling and timesheet details are captured and stored automatically, providing you with an ongoing record of compliance for regulators and employees.

The strengths of Deputy include its excellent user interface(UI), solid mobile support, a wide range of customisation options, 24/7 support and a long list of integrations.

With the help of Tugela People, Deputy can easily be integrated into your existing HRIS and other people-related systems.

Global Pre-employment Checks and Screening

Sterling Pre-employment Checks. Learn more

The trend toward remote and hybrid approaches within the workplace makes it even more critical to know who our employees are and that their qualifications and experience are valid. Tugela People has established a relationship with leading pre-employment check provider Sterling Background Checks to help our clients ensure that their recruitment of new colleagues is as thorough as it needs to be.

Sterling background and identity solutions help you navigate uncertainty and create safer environments for your employees, customers, and partners globally.

Psychometric Assessments





Find the right person for every position and deliver a captivating digital candidate experience.

SOVA assessments, a fully customisable personality and ability assessments tool, is a scientifically robust, digitally delivered platform and enables you to make accurate and fair data-driven decisions. SOVA apply AI ethically and intelligently so that decisions are based on science and powered by technology.

Organisational agility is crucial, and SOVA will help you find and nurture the people you need by providing you with the tools to analyse assessment outcomes across cycles, timeframes and teams. It gives a future-focused view of people and potential, for recruitment and development, for every role, at every career stage, at every level.

By integrating SOVA with your ATS, you can create a seamless assessment process.

HR Automation and Integration

Make, enabling you to automate tasks and workflows. Learn more.

Make (formerly Integromat) lets you design, build, and automate anything - from tasks and workflows to apps and systems - in a few clicks and is trusted by thousands of fast-scaling organisations around the globe.

  • Automate your work. Build something new: Drag and drop apps to automate existing workflows or build new complex processes. Solve problems across all areas and teams.
  • Connect all your apps. Fast and easy: Integrate all your tools and manage your processes in one single platform. Choose from thousands of ready-made app integrations or connect to any online app with their powerful no-code tools.


The Make platform is a launchpad for unlimited solutions across all industries and business functions, putting the power of solution making into the hands of anyone, thereby giving them the freedom to innovate at the speed of their ideas.

Four Key features:

  • Make provides unprecedented insight into the status of all of your automations at all times with live-stream execution details.
  • Make responds in near real-time to high-volume inbound requests from other applications with parallel webhook executions
  • Make includes key capabilities to automate your automation platform to meet your most outlandish needs with our public API
  • Make also includes key improvements to the usability of their platform to enable you to move faster with proficiency and accuracy while building automation.


Make operate in a global market, with users and partners in over 191 countries.

Learn more about HR Automation

All-in-one solution for in-house recruitment

Talos360 - providing of intuitive recruitment technology solutions.. Read more

Talos ATS is Talos360’s all-in-one solution for in-house recruitment. The platform combines all the best features of recruitment software into one straightforward dashboard, making it easier than ever for hiring teams to attract, engage, and retain top talent in-house.

Hiring can be a challenge for businesses of any size and industry. Talos ATS streamlines the recruitment process from application through to onboarding, ensuring you’re always equipped to attract, recruit, and onboard the best new talent to your workforce - without the need for third-party staffing agencies!

As well as improving performance within your internal HR team, Talos also delivers a fast, effective, and enjoyable recruitment experience for your candidates. This ensures your strongest applicants remain engaged with your employer brand throughout the process, reducing drop-off, and ensuring a positive first experience with your business.

The platform includes:

  • - Intuitive Applicant Tracking System
  • - Remote video screening/interview room
  • - Multi-posting advertising suite
  • - Recruiter scorecards & candidate ranking
  • - Automated progression of your strongest candidates
  • - Employee onboarding tools and resources
  • - Email/SMS automation


What Next

With these other systems combined with Tugela People's implementation, integration and HR Automation services and unparalleled support, you could well be on your way to a streamlined and optimised HR department.

For more information on these solutions and to integrate them into your existing HRIS, please contact us on tel +44(0)1908 030360 or email: info@tugelapeople.com. Alternatively, complete the ‘Get in touch’ form and a member of our team will be in contact.

To learn more about the solutions and services we offer to complement your HRIS, download our brochure, by clicking on the image below:

2022 Complementary HR Products and Services-min. Read more.


Interested in Partnering with Tugela People?

At Tugela People, partners play a vital role in helping us to continue delivering high-quality HR technology and support services for our multi-national clients globally.

Because so many of our customers use different applications that work alongside their main HR System, it’s our policy to establish strategic relationships with such vendors. This helps when information needs to be shared by more than one system. Examples include updating payroll with new joiner data from the HR system or populating the HR system with the history of training courses completed by employees.

That’s why we are always on the lookout for partner organisations that share our passion for delivering service excellence. We recognise that working alongside area specialists enhances our solution and service offerings and we welcome the opportunity to see how we can work together to maximise synergies in the HR arena.

We primarily support multinational, mid-range SMEs employing between 250 and 5 000 staff.

If you are interested in partnering with us, then please contact us on tel +44(0)1908 030360 or email: info@tugelapeople.com. Alternatively, complete the ‘Get in touch’ form and a member of our team will be in contact.