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Workable serves thousands of customers globally and is the only Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with a full candidate sourcing suite, including the widest job site syndication network, preferred partner status with LinkedIn and Indeed, programmatic advertising, referrals and proprietary AI.


The Workable ATS stands out for its highly configurable and flexible nature, allowing organisations to tailor the platform to their unique needs and workflows. Its robust capabilities in accurate budgeting and reporting provide companies with invaluable insights into their recruitment processes, enabling informed decision-making and resource allocation. Moreover, Workable's streamlined processes contribute to significant time savings and increased productivity for HR teams, empowering them to focus on strategic initiatives. Equally important, the platform prioritises compliance and data privacy, ensuring that organisations adhere to regulatory requirements and maintain the security of sensitive information throughout the recruitment lifecycle. With its comprehensive suite of features, the Workable ATS offers a seamless and efficient solution for modern talent acquisition needs.

The platform includes

Candidate Sourcing:

    • Job ad syndication
    • Career page and referral program
    • Mobile-friendly recruitment
    • Talent database & CRM
    • Proprietary sourcing AI

Applicant Tracking

    • Robust evaluation process
    • Interview self-scheduling
    • Online assessments and video interviews
    • Evaluation kits and templates
    • Applicant tracking
    • Offers and preboarding

 Source & attract candidates

Workable empowers you to build and promote your brand where your potential candidates are. By consistently engaging with them, you ensure that your organisation remains at the forefront of their minds, regardless of whether they are actively seeking opportunities or not.

  • Access to 200+ free and premium job boards: post jobs everywhere with one click.
  • 6 Language options: translate every step of your hiring process with native language options - English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Greek.
  • Source best-fit candidates with AI-powered recommendations and receive a list of the top 50 passive candidates for every job you post.
  • Built-in passive candidate sourcing: AI Recruiter searches 400m+ candidate profiles by location, industry and experience to find the most qualified candidates and adds them to your pipeline.
  • Automated targeted outreach: source passive candidates with AI-driven candidate recommendations that display your job ad in their social media feeds.
  • Boost your brand with the customisable Careers Page builder and AI job description generator. Each page is mobile-friendly and includes search, filtering, and auto-fill applications by default. It can be hosted on a workable URL or a URL of your choosing.
  • Drive employee referrals and leverage their networks with a turnkey referral portal with gamified social sharing, rewards, and incentives to drive engagement and boost participation.
  • Boost internal mobility with automatic job alerts and a customised internal process.

 Deliver a modern candidate experience

 Actively engage applicants in every interaction.

  • Mobile and candidate-friendly applications: Guide applicants through the process with a familiar, friendly mobile-first interface accessible on any device (no installation required). The interface features autofill forms, one-click application support, built-in integrations, and support for popular 2-way video apps, including Google Hangouts and Zoom.
  • Keep communication quick and consistent with professional email templates and bulk actions, which provide for a customised response and keeps the process moving.
  • Reach candidates in their native language with multilingual templates and career pages.
  • Create and manage localised candidate experiences to expand your outreach and enhance your brand's relevance across diverse geographical locations where you're
  • Interview self-scheduling simplifies the process and reduces the time to hire. Candidates can schedule a time that works best for them with Workable’s self-schedule link.
  • Deliver a personalised candidate experience at scale with text templates, enabling you to communicate quickly with candidates wherever they are and reduce time to hire- texts have a 98% open rate and a 60x faster response time than email.


Right tools, right time, every team. Avoid miscommunication and enhance engagement with Workable’s user-friendly app for seamless onboarding.

Full-featured applicant tracking system

Whether you’re hiring Employee #2 or 200 new employees, Workable’s all-in-one recruiting software helps you find the best candidates and turn them into employees.

Evaluate and collaborate with ease:

  • Mitigate unconscious bias by concealing identifying information from candidate CV’s, which become viewable only after screening decisions have been finalised.
  • Evaluate fairly and consistently with customisable scorecards, video interviews and assessments, ensuring hiring teams assess candidates consistently.
  • Simplify interview scheduling and reduce admin with candidate self-scheduling and calendar integration options that make scheduling easier and more efficient.
  • Easily assess background checks and onboard employees with integration to 70+ third-party recruiting and HR tools
  • Track candidate details specific to your requirements by adding your own profile fields while protecting sensitive data.
  • Start discussions and prepare for interviews with candidate profile sharing of feedback, references, and comments.
  • Automate and enhance communication with two-way email and calendar sync with Google, Outlook, and other popular email and calendar apps. This allows you to keep in touch with candidates from any inbox.
  • Simplify hiring collaboration with tools that manage confidentiality and define which users can (and should) perform which tasks.
  • Choice from five cognitive and personality pre-employment tests right in the job editor, negating the need to work with an assessment provider.

Automate the hiring process

  • Manage candidates so they don’t get lost in the process. Keep on top of status and tasks with an intuitive dashboard and candidate CRM.
  • Speed up time to hire by automating tasks with custom email and workflows.
  • Expedite executive sign-off with automated requisition approval workflows.
  • Simplify the offer process with letter templates, approval workflows and built-in e-signable documents and offers.
  • Manage and demonstrate compliance with GDPR, EEO/OFCCP and follow the latest CCPA guidelines with automated tools, candidate opt-out links, customisable candidate-facing privacy policy links and tracking/reporting.
  • Ensure the right teams follow the right processes by organising jobs and tools by department to match your company structure.
  • Customise your hiring pipelines to reflect your unique hiring needs and processes.
  • Keep stakeholders aligned with a centralised workspace for budgeting, hiring and requisition approval workflow management.
  • Get insight and share data on your hiring with advanced reporting and integrate with your favourite BI tools for more specialised data analytics.
  • Gain candidate feedback with post-application, automated and customisable surveys.
  • Connect your existing tech for a seamless, end-to-end hiring process with 70+ partners and integrations.
  • Work from anywhere with Workable’s top-rated iOS and Android mobile app.

Workable’s AI

Your AI co-pilot is trained to understand your company’s jobs and data and can adapt its writing to your preferred style.

The Workable solution combines proprietary technology with the latest commercial and open-source models and tools to bring you state-of-the-art productivity AI, helping you to:

  • Draft job descriptions
  • Create interview kits
  • Keep interview notes
  • Draft emails to candidates
  • Resurface old candidates for new jobs
  • Search over 400m profiles for suitable matches

Workable is building AI tools trained with knowledge obtained over a decade of hiring for millions of requisitions and job seekers. It has deployed over 15 custom-tuned models in production, with widespread adoption of AI features within the application. This provides Workable with a steady stream of Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback ( )data for further training. Workable’s Machine Learning (ML) and Data Science team have been developing, curating, and streamlining data pipelines for over 8 years.

Tools like Workable’s AI Recruiter are trained using implicit or explicit feedback from daily user interactions and analysing why candidates are hired or moved through the hiring stages. They are then able to use their proprietary systems and metadata to enhance the input and, thus, the output of generative AI in specific applications.


Workable users report productivity gains between 30-40% on high-volume use cases like job creation, drafting emails and interview kits.

About Workable

Founded in 2012, Workable initially emerged as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), revolutionising the recruitment landscape. Over the past decade, they've undergone remarkable growth, evolving into an all-encompassing HR suite.

Today, Workable serves thousands of customers worldwide, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to large multinational corporations. Committed to building high-performance teams, Workable remains industry-agnostic, offering tailored solutions to companies worldwide.

More information?

To find out more about the Workable ATS, discuss your requirements and understand how this solution can meet your talent acquisition needs, please reach out to us at  +44(0)1908 030360 or Alternatively, complete the ‘Get in touch’ form, and a member of our team will contact you.