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Our Values

Our vision is to be the worldwide go-to partner for people-centric, cloud-based solutions and services for HR, Payroll and System Optimisation so businesses can effectively engage and manage their workforce.

Being true to our company values is important in everything we do.

Our Tugela People values are:

Tugela People value - Trust. Read more.Trust

we are supportive, open and honest in all our endeavours



Tugela People value -Understanding. Read more..Understanding

we actively listen to all our stakeholders showing empathy and respect



Tugela People value -Gratitude. Read more.Gratitude

we recognise and value contributions to our success



Tugela People value -Equality. Read moreEquality

we embrace the diversity and richness in our culture and respect the environment



Tugela People value -Laughter. Read moreLaughter

we have fun at work and enjoy what we do



Tugela People value - Agility. Read more.Agility

we never stop exploring new ideas, overcoming challenges and sharing our knowledge.