Exciting Partnership Announcement: Tugela People and flair join forces to revolutionise HR management. banner


Exciting Partnership Announcement: Tugela People and flair join forces to revolutionise HR management.

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Tugela People is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with flair, a leading provider of HR and recruiting software solutions built on the Salesforce platform. This collaboration further strengthens our commitment to revolutionise the HR and Payroll landscape for mid-sized multinational companies through best-in-breed (cutting-edge) cloud-based solutions.

At Tugela People, we are dedicated to streamlining and enhancing the way businesses manage their workforce, empowering them to unlock their full potential by delivering innovative, user-centric platforms that foster efficiency, compliance, and growth.

flair's cutting-edge HR and recruiting software, renowned for its native integration with Salesforce, perfectly complements our own range of HR and Payroll solutions and services. Together, we will provide a unified platform that streamlines workforce management, recruitment, time and attendance, payroll, and performance processes.

Thomas Schilling, Founder and Commercial Director at Tugela PeopleThomas Schilling, Commercial Director at Tugela People, said, “We are thrilled to partner with flair, a recognised leader in HR technology. This collaboration aligns with our mission to continually enhance the value we bring to our clients by offering state-of-the-art solutions that address the evolving needs of the HR landscape.”


Pia Schairer, Partner Manager at flair flair is equally enthusiastic about this partnership. Pia Schairer, Partner Manager at flair said,  “By combining our strengths, we can offer a more robust and comprehensive solution to our shared clients. This partnership not only brings together the best of both worlds but also underscores our commitment to driving innovation and delivering exceptional HR solutions worldwide”.


Our clients can look forward to

  • Enhanced integration: Seamlessly integrate HR processes within a single platform.
  • Streamlined operations: Simplify recruitment, time and attendance, payroll, and performance management.
  • Comprehensive solutions: Access a full suite of HR and Payroll services designed to meet diverse needs.

We believe this partnership will significantly benefit our clients by providing a more efficient and effective way to manage their HR needs.

Click here to discover how this exciting HR solution can revolutionise your workforce management, boost employee engagement and satisfaction, and support your business now and into the future.

About flair

flair is an all-in-one HR and recruiting solution built natively on Salesforce, boasting five-star reviews on the global CRM's AppExchange. The software streamlines the entire employee lifecycle, from hiring and onboarding to payroll and performance management.

Thanks to flair's powerful Salesforce backend, HR managers benefit from robust enterprise-grade security, insightful reports and dashboards, AI support, and fully customisable workflows. Managers and employees also have access to an intuitive, self-service portal to efficiently manage daily HR tasks.

About Tugela People

Tugela People is an established provider of cloud-based HR, Payroll, and Recruitment solutions and services with over 12 years of experience. They have a global reach with nearly 300 clients across multiple industries and support various languages. As a trusted flair partner, Tugela People offers comprehensive system implementation, integration, and support services designed to optimise your system, unlock flair’s full potential, and transform your recruitment and HR operations.

Click here to learn more about the flair’s solution or reach out to us directly on on +44(0)1908 030360 or  info@tugelapeople.com. Alternatively, complete the ‘Get in touch’ form and a member of our team will contact you.