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Are you looking for a flexible HR solution that is easy to customise, with powerful analytics and proven data security?


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Introducing flair

flair is a leading HR solution built on the Salesforce platform that can be tailored to meet your organisation's specific requirements. It equips modern teams with essential tools to manage all HR functions efficiently, accommodating any company size, industry, or operational style. flair not only addresses immediate HR needs but also supports future planning with robust enterprise-level capabilities that foster a positive work environment.

Revolutionising HR processes and empowering teams, flair automates recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and enhances employee engagement. Its intuitive self-service portal allows employees to easily update information, request time off, and access pay slips.

With seamless integrations into your existing systems using Salesforce-native technology, flair optimises cross-departmental workflows and enhances employee empowerment. Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise, flair scales flexibly to meet your evolving requirements. Features like shift scheduling, time tracking, and leave management enable you to focus on core responsibilities while providing real-time analytics for informed decision-making and business success.

Introducing flair HR.

Customisable HR Software 

flair is native to Salesforce, sharing the same customer record, user experience, and industry leading analytics as the world’s most trusted cloud business platform. The Salesforce platform also offers robust security features such as encryption and multi-factor authentication for GDPR and SOC 2 compliance. Its cloud-based architecture allows flexible access from anywhere. The platform's versatility supports extensive customisation and automation, streamlines data management, and ensures easy integration with other tools through the AppExchange infrastructure. This scalability enhances performance, making flair a powerful solution for HR management.

Mobile App

Core HR in the Palm of Your Hand

The flair mobile app simplifies the workday for employees and managers alike.

With the flair mobile app, you can track time, request time off, and view your documents on the go. It’s all synched with the flair platform, so you can complete simple tasks even when you’re not at your desk.

flair HR mobile app. Core HR in the palm of your hand. Learnmore

HR Admin Features

Employee surveys:

Effortlessly create and send out surveys to gauge your employees' feedback. These surveys provide qualitative feedback, enabling you to monitor key HR metrics and make informed decisions that help shape your company culture and reinforce employee retention.


Simplify and streamline HR support and transform HR assistance with advanced ticketing software, enabling smooth support workflows and efficient problem-solving.

Performance reviews:

  • Track employee performance and create targeted development plans to hone valuable skills in any field.
  • Set measurable goals and OKRs at any level of the organisation.
  • Structure your employee appraisals with consistent and well-planned cycle reviews and tailor review processes to specific roles, teams, and locations for more productive appraisals.
  • Streamline performance appraisals with easy-to-complete assessment forms.
  • Gain constructive, 360-degree feedback with the ability to compare employee self-assessments with peer reviews and manager feedback to see evaluate performance from multiple perspectives.

Dynamic organisational charts:

Easily view your company's hierarchy with the flair Org Chart. Improve communication and streamline decision-making processes for better efficiency.

Employee Engagement:

Empower employees with a self-service hub, which helps improve communication and reduce HR admin. With in-platform comments, it promotes constructive discussions, idea sharing and feedback. Highlight employee recognition and gain valuable insights into employee attitudes, perceptions, and satisfaction levels with custom employee surveys.

Absence Management:

Define your own custom leave policies with smooth approval workflows. An absence calendar enables you to track all absences efficiently, with detailed reports to analyse absence trends and attendance.

Document Management and Creation:

Securely store, manage and share files, with the ability to categorise documents by type for improved accessibility. Utilise the document generator on Salesforce to auto-create documents and employee contracts and finalise and share these documents with flair’s paperless e-signing capability. With flair’s mobile app, these documents can also be accessed remotely.

Time Management:

Free yourself from manual timesheets and enable your workforce to track their time electronically. Track billable hours with simple approvals for edited time entries and centralise your time data in insightful reports and dashboards. You can also integrate flair with physical time clocks, enabling employees to clock in by scanning an RFID transponder or their fingerprint and ensuring your time entries are reliable.

Shift Planning:

Create accurate and detailed shift plans based on skills and location, ensuring all standards and requirements are fulfilled and avoiding over- or understaffing. Enhance workforce management by creating open shifts and facilitating shift swapping in case of absences.

Asset Management:

flair's user-friendly solution makes it easy to track company-wide assets and boost business efficiency.

Payroll Software Integrations:

Smart and simple payroll processing, enabling you to organise all your payment data in one place, run payroll, remain compliant, and ensure employees get paid correctly and on time. Integrate to a payroll provider for processing and distributing your payslips securely via the employee mobile app.

flair HR offers a range o fHR admin features. Learn more

Hiring Features


  • Achieve fast and precise hiring outcomes with flair's AI-enhanced recruitment.
  • Speed up time-to-hire and boost accuracy in candidate evaluation.
  • Showcase your company culture with the amazing careers page builder.
  • Track candidates and manage applicant details, schedule interviews, evaluate skills, and transition successful candidates to onboarding.
  • Automate recruitment tasks with flair’s AI assistance.
  • Analyse recruitment results, utilising Salesforce-powered dashboards for enhanced reporting and decision-making.

Employee Onboarding:

  • Accelerate onboarding with customisable templates and automated workflows.
  • Ensure success in pre-onboarding with an intuitive self-service portal.
  • Align everyone involved with automatic task reminders.
  • Boost efficiency on any recurring task with streamlined workflows.

Career portal builder:

  • Attract the ideal candidates with flair’s drag-and-drop careers page builder to showcase your job openings and employee benefits.
  • Refine your recruiting strategy with segmented career portals for different company divisions, subsidiaries, and branches, displaying only the most relevant jobs.
  • Boost the reach of your job vacancies with job board integration and analysis.
  • Improve your hiring process with analytics and AI-powered candidate screening.

Electronic signatures:

  • Easily prepare documents for signing and assign visibilities and signatories.
  • Securely send and sign any HR document for signatory, with the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive HR documents being safeguarded through AES encryption for file storage and TLS protocol for transit.
  • Track and monitor the signing process.
  • Record and review any changes with the e-signing audit trail.


flair HR offers a range of hiring features


A Scalable Solution

flair’s cloud-based architecture guarantees flexible scaling of data storage and processing capabilities according to organisational requirements. Additionally, advanced features like data archiving and partitioning help to optimise performance and uphold data integrity amid increasing data volumes.

Scalability ensures that HR processes remain efficient and effective even as an organisation experiences rapid growth. flair's integration with Salesforce ensures effortless customisation of processes, automation, and data storage to suit any company, industry, or workforce size, even across multiple locations.

Powerful and Advanced Analytics

Turn your data into actionable insights with custom dashboards.

flair empowers you to gain real-time insights into your workforce, pinpoint strategic HR enhancements, and elevate your decision-making, ensuring you make informed people decisions:

  • Single source of truth for HR data: Access critical insights efficiently with all your people data centralised on Salesforce.
  • Live data tracking and analysis: Gain a comprehensive view of your workforce through live metrics and charts.
  • Tailored reports and dashboards: Slice and dice HR data and tailor pre-built dashboards according to your business needs.
  • Fully configurable access controls: Control data visibility with Salesforce permission sets and profiles, ensuring secure and tailored access.

Recruitment Analytics

Deploy a Data-Driven Hiring Strategy

Analyse the data to assess recruitment success and optimise your hiring process:

    • Identify your most effective recruitment channels
    • Pinpoint skills gaps and understand hiring needs
    • Monitor recruiting KPIs, such as time-to-hire and offer acceptance rate

Benefit from the range of recruitment analytics in the flair HR system.

Core HR Analytics

Monitor Vital Company Metrics

Visualise all essential HR KPIs in one place to guide your people strategy. flair offers prebuilt reports on headcount, salaries, overtime, and more. Dive into statistics on areas like absence management to gain a comprehensive overview.

Workforce Analytics

Turn Qualitative Data into actionable insights

Monitor employee engagement and job satisfaction levels so you can proactively take steps to strengthen employee retention rates:

    • Reduce employee turnover by detecting risks early
    • Monitor trends in eNPS and average tenure
    • Use surveys to identify key drivers of employee engagement and satisfaction

Team Analytics

Present clear metrics to team leads

Empower leaders to make the best decisions for their teams with flair’s prebuilt charts and analytics. These tools help managers stay updated on core team metrics.

Smart and Seamless Integration

The Salesforce platform offers a wide range of integration capabilities that enable flair to seamlessly connect with other tools and applications, including payroll, time and attendance, project management, communication tools, and cloud object storage. This versatility allows flair to be customised to meet your organisation's unique needs.

Additionally, flair connects with hundreds of apps, such as Outlook, MS Teams, Calendly, Google Calendar, Slack, and more, empowering your team and future-proofing your operations with the latest innovations in HR and recruiting.

HR Data Security

Proactive protection for HR Data

flair undergoes regular security reviews as part of its Salesforce partnership status and benefits from its robust security framework, designed to protect data at every level.

flair HR users’ data is stored and processed within the Salesforce environment, which helps companies adopting the system to comply with data residency and data sovereignty rules.

Some of the top security benefits of a Salesforce-native platform include Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption both at rest and in transit, multi-factor authentication, data loss prevention measures, and security audits to ensure compliance with various industry standards and regulations such as ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type II, and GDPR. Click here to learn more.

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Additional flair Support Services

As HR system specialists, Tugela People bridges the gaps between technology, people, and processes. We offer a full range of flair support services, including implementation, integration, project management, and training. Additionally, our dedicated, experienced, and friendly Managed Services team provides ongoing support. Explore our website to learn more.