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flair HR Data Security

Proactive protection for HR Data

flair undergoes regular security reviews as part of its Salesforce partnership status and benefits from its robust security framework, designed to protect data at every level.

Data Encryption

Shield-Protect HR Data:

Salesforce provides encryption mechanisms to safeguard data both at rest and in transit. Shield Platform Encryption on Salesforce secures data with 256-bit AES encryption.

  • Safeguard HR docs or other files and attachments
  • Encrypt a wide range of standard and custom fields
  • Manage and rotate encryption keys for greater control

Security Automation

Flexible security management for company HR:

Salesforce implements automated security measures that detect and respond to incidents in real time.

  • Benefit from human and AI threat detection
  • Automatically track changes using audit trail settings
  • As an admin, health check your Salesforce security configurations

Data Sovereignty

Compliance-Driven Data Storage:

With Salesforce services such as the Hyperforce EU Operating Zone and a network of global data centres, flair users can rest assured that their data is fully compliant with local data protection and sovereignty standards.

Customisable Security

Role-based user access control enhances data security by assigning access levels according to company positions. Utilise permission sets for more detailed security customisation.

Proactive Data Protection

flair undergoes regular security reviews as part of our partnership status and benefits from Salesforce’s robust security framework, designed to protect data at every level.

  • Yearly Salesforce security audits: flair is subject to detailed Salesforce security audits as a solution on the AppExchange.
  • Best-in-class security model: Salesforce employs a comprehensive data security structure with multiple layers.
  • Data sovereignty provisions: Salesforce provides ways for global businesses to fulfil data sovereignty obligations.
  • Additional data shield monitoring: Salesforce Shield offers flair users extra safety with event monitoring and Field Audit Trail.