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As an established and experienced Sage People implementation partner, we can implement your Sage People HR System and transfer our knowledge to your team. To date, we have worked with over 170 organisations globally to successfully implement their Sage People HR System. Engaging with us means you avoid any potential pitfalls as we expertly guide you through the implementation process.

Tugela People combines a unique blend of HR knowledge, technical expertise and business process skills using a mature and proven implementation methodology. This ensures that your system is set up and embedded properly and that the project is delivered within budget and scope, according to agreed timelines.

We're accredited for Sage People training, single sign-on (SSO), Active Directory (AD), and API integrations, helping companies get the most out of their Sage People investment.

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Our Approach

We don’t believe a one size fits all approach is right for everyone, and therefore it is essential we understand more about you and your organisation so we can deliver an implementation approach that works perfectly for you.

We use a mature and proven implementation methodology that combines a unique blend of HR knowledge, technical expertise, and business process skills. This ensures that your Sage People system is set up and embedded correctly and that the project is delivered within budget and scope, according to agreed timelines.

A dedicated Tugela People implementation project manager is assigned to your implementation, ensuring you maximise your ROI by using the Sage People HR System to its full potential.

We track the project online in real time for you to monitor and provide input. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, it may be managed on-site or remotely as agreed.


Implementation Methodology: How do we run our projects?

Every Sage People project is implemented with a tried and tested process, with a ‘gateway sign-off’ after every step to ensure that we are in sync and ready to move on to the next stage. You will need to enrol for eLearning on SageU to help you to participate in each stage of the project and to prepare you for your role. This is referred to as the New Customer Learning Journey. Each course is mapped to the stages of your project, meaning you get the right training at the right time.

Five main project phases:

Although there are many deliverables for each project stage, the list below incorporates the key elements of each phase.

1.      Initiate

Welcome! You'll meet with your implementation team to 'kick off' the project.

    • High-level project plan created.
    • System familiarisation with the project team.
    • Stakeholder engagement established.
    • Introduction to bespoke requirement gathering documentation.
    • eLearning: Complete the guided learning and enrol in the 'Getting Started' course.

2.      Define

This is where you’ll meet with your project team to work through requirements, clearly define the scope of the project, establish timelines, and discover what’s going to be needed.

    • Undertake detailed Define workshops (onsite or virtual).
    • Review of Define document.
    • Creation of final data migration templates.
    • Re-evaluation of scope.
    • eLearning: Learn about this stage and begin working toward certification in your role.

3.      Build

    • Configuration of solution based on the Define document.
    • Development of Validate strategy and test scripts.
    • Quality Assurance of configuration.

4.      Validate

Ready to test? In this stage, you’ll prepare to validate the system. This is the critical period where you check out what’s been built to see if it fits your requirements, work out any bugs, and determine what’s still left to configure.

    • System Integration testing.
    • Finalise data migration.
    • Cutover/deployment plan preparation.
    • eLearning: Learn about this stage and continue working toward certification.

5.      Deploy

This is the phase in which you prepare to take control of your new Sage People system. With your sign-off, the project team will declare the project complete, and you’ll be introduced to the support team, who will be there for you after your system goes live.

    • Data migration activity finalised.
    • System cutover.
    • Go live support.
    • Hypercare.
    • eLearning: Learn about this stage and complete your role.

Why partner with Tugela People to Implement your Sage People HRIS?

  • Benefit from our people-centric focus, best practice experience and multi-system HR knowledge.
  • Know that you are in a safe pair of hands with proven success.
  • Consultative approach – we work in partnership with you to ensure that the system meets your needs.
  • Implementation approach - our proven methodology has been successful with hundreds of customers. We know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Be coached and empowered with the knowledge to become self-sufficient.
  • You can take advantage of multi-language support.
  • Your team will gain valuable insight into how to future-proof your Sage People system based on our extensive years of implementation experience.


We offer a range of implementation support packages depending on your requirements and budget.

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Your Ongoing Journey

Once you've finished implementing your Sage People HRIS, we can help you make the most out of your investment. Our Managed Services provide a variety of support options that allow you to choose the best solution for you, your team, and your organisation. You can decide how much support you need and how to use it.

We also offer an SOQ (Short Order Queue) service for when you need system changes, such as adding new functionality or modifying existing features. This type of work is usually not part of the main implementation of Sage HR modules and requires a project-based approach, unlike regular managed service support tickets.

What Next

If your organisation requires an expert Sage People implementation support partner to configure and implement your Sage People HR System, then contact us on tel +44(0)1908 030360 or email: Alternatively, complete the ‘Get in touch’ form, and a member of our team will contact you directly.

Why Use an HR System Implementation Partner?

One question we are frequently asked is – why should a business investing in a new HR System use an implementation partner? Here are the main benefits of using an HRIS implementation partner as we see it:

  • Broader HRIS and Technology Expertise

    A partner can bring experience of different sectors, systems and approaches. These elements can help deploy the new HRIS system more efficiently avoiding pitfalls that cause delay. They can also bring impartiality to configuration discussions and the impact of those choices on the organisation’s HR system. This infusion of specialist expertise can help avoid the “If I knew what I know today, I would have done things differently” situations.

  • Service and Speed

    Partners often provide a more flexible, personal service especially for small or mid-sized firms that are not likely to be the biggest client. A partner’s specialist skills will also speed up the implementation process so that internal resource can be focused on adoption and training rather than navigating the learning curve of the setting up phase.

  • More Choice

    Selecting from a pool of HR System implementation partners allows you to select a partner that you are comfortable working with. This personal chemistry between the internal team and the outsourced team members is crucial to meeting project deadlines, translating business requirements and aiding in knowledge transfer.

  • Immediate Credibility

    A credible HR System partner with in-depth knowledge of the HRIS space and best practice can accelerate buy-in from internal stakeholders. Usually this works best when the partner has a broad understanding of processes and issues pertinent to stakeholders. This also helps to facilitate take up of the system among users.

  • Committed Preferred Supplier

    A third party HRIS implementation partner that is committed to the system, has an in-depth understanding of the system’s capabilities and limitations which is a beneficial in getting the most of a system