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As a long-standing and established Sage People partner with accredited Sage People training status, we develop and deliver quality Sage People training packages globally. This has formed part of our service offering to global mid-range organisations since our inception in 2012.

Our popular bespoke Sage People training packages are flexible and cost-effective. Depending on your requirements, they can be delivered on-site, online, or at a third-party training centre. We offer both one-to-one training as well as group training sessions.

We excel at engaging delegates and providing a relaxed, interactive environment for learning. Active participation is encouraged – we believe in a ‘learning by doing’ approach.

We offer:

  • Training for HR team members so that they can administer the system effectively. Typically, this requires 2-3 training sessions.
  • Training for end-users so that they can use the interface to manage their profile. Typically, this requires 1-2 bespoke sessions.
  • Train the trainer / super user training to enable select team members or end-users to become subject matter experts and remove the reliance on HR teams in navigating and using the system. Typically, this requires 2-3 training sessions.
  • Bespoke end-user training materials tailored to your unique requirements.


Who is the training suitable for?

New starters:

Provide any new team member with the knowledge and skills to use your Sage People HR System. Get them up and running without delay so they can effectively and efficiently fulfil their role and make the most of your system.

Existing team members:

Training is not only necessary for new starters, but it is equally important for existing employees. Effective managers recognise that training is an ever-evolving, ongoing process. Providing current team members with refresher training or upskilling on new features and functionality will maximise their capabilities to make the most of your Sage People HR System and thus increase their performance and your utilisation of the Sage People HRIS.

Super Users / Train-the-trainer:

By becoming adept at navigating, troubleshooting, and training others on Sage People, these champions ensure seamless operations and boost overall efficiency. Invest in knowledge empowerment and create a self-sustaining cycle of expertise within your organisation.


Why invest in training?

Training plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing employee performance and satisfaction. It serves as a valuable tool for nurturing a more efficient, competitive, and engaged workforce, benefiting both individuals and the company. Committing to employee training in the company's HR system yields immediate advantages, such as enhanced efficiency and precision, and contributes to long-term strategic advantages, employee satisfaction, and overall business success.

Investing in training for employees on the company's HR system offers several compelling reasons for businesses to consider:

Increased efficiency:

Well-trained employees can navigate the HR system more efficiently, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and paperwork. This translates to greater productivity and cost savings.

Improved accuracy:

Training helps employees understand how to use the system accurately, reducing errors in data entry, payroll processing, and other critical HR functions. This, in turn, enhances compliance and prevents costly mistakes.

Enhanced employee confidence:

Training instils confidence in employees, making them more comfortable with the HR system. This confidence encourages them to use the system to its full potential, ensuring that no valuable features go underutilised.

Adaptability to updates:

HR systems often receive updates and new features. Training ensures that employees can adapt to these changes seamlessly, staying up-to-date with the latest functionalities and best practices.

Better employee experience:

A user-friendly HR system improves the employee experience. Employees who can easily access and manage their HR-related tasks feel more engaged and satisfied with their work environment.

Reduced support and supervision:

Well-trained employees are less likely to require extensive support or supervision for HR-related tasks. This frees up HR staff and managers to focus on strategic initiatives.

Compliance and risk mitigation:

Training helps employees understand and adhere to HR policies and legal requirements. This reduces the risk of non-compliance and potential legal issues for the company.

Talent development:

HR system training can be a part of broader talent development initiatives. It allows employees to acquire new skills that may be transferable to other roles within the company, contributing to career growth and employee retention.

Competitive advantage:

Companies that invest in employee training demonstrate their commitment to professional development. This can attract top talent and serve as a competitive advantage in the job market.

Cost savings:

While there is an initial investment in training, it can result in significant long-term cost savings through improved efficiency, reduced errors, and decreased reliance on external HR services.


Why choose us as your training partner?

As an experienced Sage People partner, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you get the most out of your Sage People system. Our team of certified Sage People consultants have extensive HRIS backgrounds, boasting over 50 years of collective technical experience in implementing and supporting HR Systems. Our worldwide customer network is a testament to our ability and success in delivering exceptional services globally.

Before commencing your bespoke training, we will take the time to understand your specific requirements and objectives thoroughly. This allows us to tailor the training to your team's preferred format, schedule, and pace. Our team of experts will share their in-depth knowledge on optimally managing and maintaining your system according to best practices. Moreover, we can take it a step further by customising the training using your own Sage People system rather than the generic Sage People training org. This ensures that your team receives training on the exact system they use, leading to even greater benefits from the training.

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge in an accessible way. Our training services aim to enhance your in-house expertise according to your specific needs whilst engaging both HR and end users in a fun and interactive way. Our goal is to empower your people with the skills and understanding necessary to manage and maintain your HRIS and to be able to make future changes and deliver new functionality, ultimately reducing your total cost of ownership and maximising the return on your Sage People HR System investment.

How much does it cost?

Training is typically provided at an hourly rate, which will be discussed and agreed upon at the time of booking.

Extended training options

To ensure that your HR team and users maintain their level of knowledge and confidence in navigating and managing your system following the bespoke training, we offer ad-hoc remote enablement training support bundles. This will provide you with the peace of mind that your people have a ‘training safety net’ for tackling unfamiliar aspects and are consistently updated on the latest system features and functions that you may introduce in the future. This way, you can be assured of their proficiency and adaptability.

What Next

To find out more about our bespoke Sage People training services and discuss your unique requirements, contact us on +44(0)1908 030360 or Alternatively, complete the ‘Get in touch’ form, and a member of our team will contact you directly.


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