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Refreshing a sandbox

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  • Author: Jamie Wilkins

A sandbox environment is a copy of the production org and is typically used for developing new functionality, testing and training, without comprising data and processes in the production org.

Only full sandboxes support performance testing, load testing and staging, but there are other types of sandboxes available depending on your requirements. Full sandboxes are a replica of the production org, including all data such as object records, data, attachments and configuration.

With a sandbox in place, it is possible to transfer configurations from the sandbox to the production environment using change sets, which can often save time re-configuring.

Steps to refreshing a Sandbox

  1. From Setup, enter Sandboxes in the Quick Find box, then select Sandboxes.
  2. A list of your sandboxes displays. Sandboxes that you can refresh have a Refresh link next to their name.
  3. Next to the name, click Refresh.
  4. Review the Name, Description, and Create From values, and edit these values if needed.
  5. Select the type of sandbox environment you want.
  6. A table shows the number and type of sandbox licenses available in your org. Click "Next" under the Full option
  7. Select the data you want to copy (typically all). Click Next
  8. If you want to activate your sandbox immediately after you refresh it, select Auto Activate. In this case, you don't receive an activation email.
  9. Click Create.
  10. Salesforce starts copying data to the sandbox.
  11. If you didn't select Auto Activate while refreshing your sandbox, Salesforce sends you an email when your sandbox is ready to activate.

Logging into the Sandbox when it's activated


Username: this is your standard username followed by the name of your sandbox. So, for example

Password: this is your usual password

Actions after Sandbox Creation checklist

Here's our handy checklist to ensure working in your sandbox is as low risk as possible:  

  • Team Member that refreshed the sandbox to unscramble the user email address for other system admin users to enable them to log in
  • Switch system deliverability to "System Emails only"
  • Remove all manual email addresses from Action Events
  • Disable workflows email alerts
  • Disable any process builders which send emails to particular users 
  • Disable the Team Member to user synchronization via Installed Packages
  • Amend the "Request Prefix" field for all HCM Form Definitions to reflect the site URL in Setup > Sites
  • Amend the "Base URL" field within Installed Packages > Recruit to reflect the site URL in Setup > Sites
  • Amend any links in email templates as these will all direct to the production environment
  • Scramble any personal and work email addresses
  • Switch off any batches within HCM Installed Packages
  • Scramble and candidate emails
  • Remove credentials from payflow services, as well as the automation via the cron command


Refreshing a sandbox is something that Tugela People's Managed Services can provide support with on a monthly basis.

What Next

To find out more, or for any questions around sandboxes, click here to get in touch with our Managed Services division or contact us on tel +44(0)1908 030360 or email: Alternatively complete the ‘Get in touch’ form and a member of our team will contact you directly.