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Revolutionising Learning Management: A tale of transformation and integration

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Uncover the journey, from challenges to solutions

In this case study, we delve into the pain points that prompted our client's search for a new Learning Management System (LMS). Facing limitations with their existing LMS and fast-approaching license expiration, they sought a solution that could adapt, integrate seamlessly with their Sage People HR system, and meet their diverse training needs.

Discover the key challenges, strategic planning, and meticulous execution that were instrumental in transitioning their entire training strategy to the new LMS. From extensive support during implementation to ongoing post-launch assistance, we'll walk you through the journey to success.

The pain points that required a solution

Our client had an incumbent Learning Management System (LMS) in place, which, unfortunately, was not able to adapt and scale to the growing and evolving needs of the organisation. Additionally, they required a learning solution that could be seamlessly integrated with their HR System, Sage People. On recommendation from Sage People, the client approached Tugela People, an established and experienced Sage People partner with experience in delivering and supporting both the HRIS and TalentLMS (the highly rated all-in-one, lifelong eLearning platform built for success that’s easy to learn, easy to use and easy to like!).

The added incentive to get this project up and running was further driven by the license's expiration on the client’s existing LMS by the end of June 2022.


The extended Tugela People team first met with the client in 2021 for the initial demonstration of TalentLMS and then did several follow-up solution demonstrations and information sessions in early 2022.

The project to adopt TalentLMS was kicked off in the later part of March 2022, after the client had first trialled the free version of TalentLMS. (TalentLMS offers a free ongoing trial, so clients can try it out with no risk, and if they decide to adopt the solution, any work undertaken on the system will still be available.)

Understanding the client's requirements upfront was critical to the success of this project. As part of the new LMS, the client required:

  • The training system to be split into ten sub-sites (branches) to allow the division of course catalogues (as each business had different course requirements) and for clearer reporting divisions.
  • Branding of the site to the client’s specifications.
  • Language and terminology adjustment for standard system features.
  • Course delivery strategies, i.e., groups of courses for new starters and managers.
  • The ability to administer the system, with the client needing the core team to understand how to use the site themselves, create content, deploy it and utilise the system's reporting features.
  • The development of courses from existing material provided by the client.  TalentLibrary, (available as an add-on to TalentLMS), which contains a large variety of courses, was not deemed suitable for the type of training required.

Delivering on the client's requirements

The implementation was a challenge due to the scale of the client’s plans and the strategic importance of the system, with the client moving its entire training strategy onto the new LMS.

  • Big plans and strong strategy: Our client had ambitious plans for the system, with the objective of using the LMS to deliver their entire training strategy. This required careful planning and execution to ensure the system could effectively meet their expectations and goals.
  • Extensive support and time: The client's reliance on the system necessitated considerable support during the implementation phase. This involved working closely with the client’s team to understand their specific needs, addressing any issues or concerns, and making adjustments to ensure that the system aligned perfectly with their requirements.
  • Hypercare phase: Due to the strategic nature of this system implementation, ongoing, hands-on support was crucial after the system's go-live to resolve any teething issues and ensure a smooth transition for our client during the initial post-launch period.

Rising to the challenge

In addition to implementing TalentLMS, our client also required the integration of this new LMS with their existing Sage People HR system. This was established using integrated Payflow functionality to provide the secure and streamlined transfer of relevant information required by the LMS. The integration was set up to only share applicable employee information pertaining to particular employee types, divisions, and countries and to exclude certain information, such as temporary employees. Additionally, only specific administrators on the Sage People system within the customer's organisation were to be allowed access to the LMS.

This integration continues to be monitored and supported by our HRIS consultants within the Tugela People managed services team, who specialise in providing ongoing support for our client's systems, including Sage People and TalentLMS.

SSO (Single Sign On) was an additional client requirement, and although this was not included in the original scope of the project, it was delivered as part of the integration work undertaken. This provided the project team with some challenges due to the various businesses operating on different Azure tenants and each branch on TalentLMS requiring its own Azure SSO app setup.

The system implementation was undertaken in April 2022, initial user testing was done in May 2022, and then the client started putting users online in June 2022. At the time of go-live, the client had 1215 team members, to which the system was launched across five different businesses within the group.

Ensuring ongoing success

As with any system implementation, post-implementation support is crucial to ensure a smooth transition and long-term success. It addresses unforeseen issues, user training needs, and system optimisation. Ongoing support enhances user satisfaction, maximises LMS utilisation, and allows for continuous improvement, ultimately leading to a successful and effective learning experience. As part of the service offerings provided by Tugela People, the client opted for a package of support hours with the flexibility to use these either for LMS or integration support.

Since go-live and as part of the ongoing support provided to the client, our consultants have been called upon to assist with the following:

  • Duplicate user checking
  • Reporting
  • Branch creation
  • New administrator training
  • Ongoing questions on the finer points of the system from the internal administrators (i.e., “Should the system operate like this or is this a bug?” “Is this the right way to do x, or is there a better way?”)


A member of the extended Tugela People team, who played a key role in ensuring the success of this project and in providing the client with ongoing support for both their and eLearning courses, said, “As this client has high expectations for the LMS, they have made really good use of the system and its features – as a result, we’ve gained a tremendous amount of experience in working with a complex setup. The people that we dealt with at the client have always been appreciative of our time and efforts overall”.


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