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  • Organise: Keep learners on track
  • Customise: Design every detail
  • Deliver: Meet and connect
  • Scale: Reach everyone with one account

About TalentLMS

TalentLMS makes it easy to offer great training. Whether you're training employees, customers, or partners, you can provide all types of training from one platform. Online lifelong training software lets you develop, deliver, and manage training programs that help great teams grow. Whether you're a multi-national or a small business, a Learning Management System (LMS) brings enormous benefits.

No matter the industry, each job role has a particular set of training requirements that needs to be taught and followed. These can be addressed with TalentLMS, a corporate training platform that enables companies to conduct any type of custom training.

TalentLMS is suitable for businesses of any size to deliver effective and engaging online training to their stakeholders. It is ideal for any type of training --from onboarding to compliance-- in any industry --from manufacturing to aviation.

This allows smart businesses worldwide to help their people grow, cut training costs and boost profits.

Talent lms stats

TalentLMS is backed by Epignosis, a global pioneer in learning technologies. Serving over 70,000 teams worldwide, Epignosis delivers training solutions that suit the needs of companies of any size and complexity.

TalentLMS was named as a 2020 Leader in the corporate LMS category in a survey by leading software review site, G2. Users say TalentLMS has helped them build their training quickly and enabled them to go live 2 times faster than the Corporate LMS average (Source: G2).

What makes Talent LMS Unique?

  1. Easy to use
    When you open it, you'll know exactly how to use it. This intuitive design is the reason both administrators and learners love using TalentLMS.
  2. Supports 100's of integrations
    Connect all your apps to simplify your workflows.
  3. Build courses in minutes
    Add your old presentations, new blog posts, videos, or other web sources to make stunning and effective courses quickly and easily.
  4. Access to a library of ready-made courses
    TalentLibrary is a growing collection of ready-made courses that are available on subscription via the TalentLMS platform. These courses cover soft skills required for success and can fill the gaps of training materials.
  5. Automated learning
    Set automatic actions for course assignments and save time on administration.
  6. Free trial
    TalentLMS has an adaptable pricing model and offers a free ongoing trial, so you can try it out with no risk. The best part is that if you decide to adopt the solution, any work you've done on the system will still be available.
  7. Enterprise-level features
    Customise your learning environment by adding your logo, your colours, and a custom domain. And as you grow, TalentLMS already has all the features you may need, like single sign-on and advanced security.
  8. eCommerce
    Grow your business and sell courses online or offer eLearning content subscriptions. TalentLMS provides quick and secure ways to receive online payments with native and third-party integration to eCommerce apps.

Deliver the right training according to your audience


The All-In-One Solution for Remote Learning

TalentLMS was designed with remote workers in mind. It's customisable, easy to manage and provide a complete online learning experience.

  • Videoconferencing: Keep up with face-to-face training by scheduling an instructor-led training (ILT) session through webinars. TalentLMS offers a free videoconferencing option integrated with the platform. This comes activated by default for every account and you can start making good use of it right away.
  • Go mobile: Offer training on the move with the TalentLMS mobile app so users can take their training anywhere, anytime.

Ready Made Content - Meet TalentLibrary

Jump right in with ready-made courses. Turn your in-house training into a powerhouse with a TalentLMS & TalentLibrary subscription. TalentLibrary is a growing collection of ready-made courses that cover the soft skills your teams need for success at work and enable you to start training your teams to be high-performing today. These courses can be custom-branded to meet your organisation's requirements and be used to fill strategic gaps in your training materials.

Click here to learn more about TalentLibrary


TalentCraft is an interactive AI content creation tool designed to assist organisations in swiftly creating learning experiences and can be accessed directly through TalentLMS.

With its AI capabilities, TalentCraft enables users to produce high-quality, dynamic, and engaging content efficiently and effortlessly by intelligently transforming training materials. Various types of learning content can be seamlessly created by relying on advanced editing tools combined with a user-friendly, intuitive WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) design approach. It streamlines tasks such as image selection and question assembly, ensuring an engaging and highly interactive training experience for learners. Additionally, TalentCraft features AI capabilities that allow users to create interactive content within minutes. Easily pair text content with images, videos, charts, flashcards, and more.

TalentCraft has been carefully designed to cater to organisations that may lack the essential resources and/or creative capacity required to generate relevant and captivating content. It serves as a valuable tool in addressing the need for high-quality, engaging content whilst maintaining consistency throughout. Moreover, its user-friendly interface ensures ease of use, making content creation accessible to a broader range of users. Readymade templates help users kickstart their course development by providing a professional foundation for putting together a course in minutes. These comprehensive templates cover various topics, including providing feedback and onboarding an employee.

TalentCraft is available exclusively through the TalentLMS+ Beta interface, which users can access directly through TalentLMS. Once activated, system administrators and instructors can switch to the Beta interface to access TalentCraft. Learners can view TalentCraft units regardless of their selected interface, as they are accessible through both TalentLMS and TalentLMS+ Beta. All they need to do is access the course and enjoy their training.

Leveraging TalentCraft's AI capabilities, organisations can unlock the full potential of their training materials, converting them into captivating and interactive content effortlessly. Users are empowered to craft visually stunning courses, guaranteeing that the content not only educates effectively but also captivates learners with its interactivity, creating an enriching training experience that is sure to resonate with your audience.


TalentLMS easily integrates with other apps and services, making it even easier to implement and manage.

These include:

  • SSO - simplifies the signup and login process across your organisation.
  • API - gives developers control to perform actions and integrations with ease.
  • Various video conferencing options.
  • Integrations through Zapier – making it simple to integrate TalentLMS with hundreds of web apps.
  • Calendars – enabling you to keep track of all your important training events in one place.
  • eCommerce – providing quick and secure ways to receive online payments with TalentLMS.
  • TalentLMS is designed to support the most popular learning standards and is SCORM, xAPI and cmi5-compliant, providing for the ability to easily exchange learning content between different platforms, track a wide range of learning activities and upload zip files from the authoring tool of your choice.
  • Improve the portal capabilities with any third-party JavaScript or widget.
  • Additional native integrations - including Salesforce, Sage People, WordPress and LinkedIn Certifications.
  • It can also connect with your company CRM (streamlining both training and business processes).

Click on the image below to download a full list of the TalentLMS platform features

TalentLMS Full feature list. Download now.

TalentLMS can also easily be integrated with your HR System. Most training requirements are determined by the role an employee or stakeholder has, or by the development needs that have been identified. This information can be sent to the Learning Management System (LMS) using HR Automation and the same process can be set up to transfer results and certification back to the HR system once the training has been successfully completed.


Full details of the TalentLMS solution can be found in our brochure. Click on the image below to download your copy:

Learning Management Systems LMS. Learn More

Your partners in learning - Tugela People provides a complete solution for your learning needs

TalentLMS - Your eLearning platform.

A risk-free learning platform that’s Easy to learn. Easy to use, Easy to like and highly rated. Additionally, as part of the free trial, you can also have 14-days complimentary access to TalentLibrary (a collection of ready-made courses with a focus on soft skills, created by TalentLMS)

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Book a demo

If you are not sure if TalentLMS is the right solution for you, why not book a demo? We can take you through the system and give you an insight into the look and feel of the portal. In addition to showcasing the Learner, Instructor and Administrator functionality, we can explain and demonstrate some of the more advanced powerful features of the system such as branches and reporting.

To book a demo simply complete the 'Get in Touch form' on this page.

TalentLMS Set-up

If you have decided TalentLMS is the right solution for you, then why not take advantage of our set-up and configuration service? Firstly, we will determine what features and advanced functionality you require (through our requirement gathering process) and then set up and customise your TalentLMS for your organisation. This includes customised branding for your portal and the importation of your user data. Optional customised training is also available.

Click here to learn more about our set-up and configuration services

eLearning Services

Having a Learning Management System (LMS) is just the start. An LMS provides you with a platform from which to deliver and manage your company's training programs. However, to ensure that the learning delivery is successful, you need to engage your learners through appealing and appropriate content.

Tugela People provide a complete and extensive e-Learning service to assist you in producing bespoke  e-Learning material, including the custom branding of existing course materials, that delivers on your desired outcomes and helps to achieve your company goals.

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Post Implementation Support

Once your TalentLMS is up and running, we will provide you with ongoing support through our Managed Services division. This ensures that your online training platform is streamlined and continues to meet your organisational requirements.

Click here to learn more about ongoing support

System Integration and HR Automation Services

Integration with other key business applications allows you to move data between systems to automate tasks and gain access to integrated reporting. It is, therefore , strategic to combine L&D and HR assets to ensure a successful LMS integration with your existing HR systems.

Integrating your LMS with your HR System will enable you to

  • reduce redundant data,
  • provide more personalised online training,
  • lower the risk of inaccurate user data,
  • help to identify trends,
  • provide more effective online training analytics,
  • improve resource allocation,
  • identify top talent, and
  • improve online training ROI

Tugela People provides a full System Integration and HR Automation Service.

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  • Employees

    Integrated HR and Learning Management helps you keep your best employees. People who can access the right training at the right time will perform better and stay with you for longer. That means reduced attrition, less hectic backfill recruitment, and a better-informed, more motivated workforce.

    • Kick off engagement from day one and welcome new hires into your organisation, and get them to work faster with the right tools for onboarding training.
    • Keep your teams secure with compliance training and protect your people and your business.
    • Ensure your people have the knowledge and skills they need, even when you can’t be face-to-face.
    • Train your staff consistently, at scale, with personalised learning content or by taking advantage of ready-made courses.
    • Help your support teams deliver unforgettable customer experiences by providing customer support training. Online customer support training software makes it easy to create, manage, and offer training programs that help support teams, fix problems, and preserve customers.
    • Sales training helps teams meet and beat sales quotas.
    • Make data-driven talent decisions. Reporting tools provide more than just course completions. Analytics and predictive insights provide critical direction about better training, managing, retaining, and rewarding employees. Uncover their potential and leverage the talent and potential in your future leaders.
    • The remote training software provided by TalentLMS makes it super easy to deliver new policies, product updates, and processes to individuals and teams working remotely and keeps training and knowledge-sharing all under one roof.
    • Extended enterprise training helps great companies grow, transforming the management of the organisation’s most important networks.

    Improve and optimise training for your organisation:

    Using an LMS affords greater benefits for both your company and each employee by moving training online for better delivery and management:

    • Easy Management: Build courses quickly with intuitive tools and manage them easily from an all-in-one dashboard.
    • Automate repetitive tasks, like grading tests and assignments, taking the hassle out of day-to-day administration.
    • Automate training processes: Spend more time determining what your people need and less time on repeatable tasks.
    • Available anywhere at any time: employees can undertake training according to their own schedule. Web-based classes are available online and on-demand, so they can upskill faster.
    • Reduce disruptions by freeing up your customer support agents to choose to engage with their courses at their pace, even on the job, so training is a help, not a disturbance.
    • Use on-the-job, making training available at all times, so your support teams have it at their fingertips when they need to give customers the right solution.
    • Keep knowledge in one place so your people can start, stop, and review their training when they need it.
    • Create courses quickly and easily, with intuitive tools that let HR, developers, and instructors work together.
    • Make learning enjoyable by using a variety of file types, like text, audio, and video.
    • Keep your employees engaged and encouraged to keep learning. Features like gamification can provide instant gratification to celebrate successes, as well as configurable certification options.
    • Practice sales pitches: Use built-in audio and video assessment tools to practice and give feedback on sales pitches.
    • Lower training costs by bringing training online, removing the costs associated with face-to-face training, and using it repeatedly for no added cost.
    • Manage one platform: Stay organised and reduce administration time by managing training from one central platform.
    • Reduce risk: Keep digital records, which in case of litigation, can be useful in proving that an employee was informed of specific laws and policies.

    Features and benefits of TalentLMS

    • User-friendly experience with an inviting interface that’s easy to learn and fun to use.
    • Match your style: Create a branded learning hub with design tools that let you customise everything from colour schemes to unique homepages.
    • Engaging gamification makes learning exciting and improves training outcomes with points, badges, and a leaderboard.
    • Many ways to connect: It encourages your teams to exchange ideas in forums and keeps staff on schedule with personal messages and a calendar.
    • It doubles as a knowledge base, where teams can jump in anytime, from anywhere, to find answers.
    • Intuitive content-builder makes it simple and easy to edit and create new courses. The training requirements transform due to company, product, processes, services, or regulation changes, ensuring that your workforce is always up to date.
    • Deliver all types of corporate and compliance training from one platform, with the ability to tailor your training programme. You can create separate and secure training accounts to cater to the needs of different facilities, departments, or branches of your company, so the training suits the needs of both your employees and the organisation.
    • Easy administration by automatically assigning courses to the relevant people.
    • All-inclusive assessments enable you to understand how well your new hires have absorbed their onboarding materials with online tests, quizzes, and surveys.
    • Customisable certifications enable you to keep track of compliance training. You can automatically assign courses that need to be reviewed so your people are always compliant.
    • Maintain digital records of attendance, progress and achievements, and share records via email to managers or regulatory bodies.
    • Strong reporting engine: Capture and measure the information you need with a simple but powerful reporting engine.
    • Track results: Have expert reports at your fingertips to spot your star sales talent and deliver more specialised training.
    • Time-saving management with convenient features like Single Sign-On and easy software integrations that frees up time to focus on work that matters.
    • Integrate with other apps and systems: Offer just-in-time training and uninterrupted user experience with the integration to other apps and systems with ease.
    • Easily integrates with your HR System, providing a complete picture of your organisation’s stakeholders.
  • External Training

    Extend your training to your network outside of your immediate organisation, be it with partners, resellers, vendors, franchisees, or a complex combination. In addition to the benefits outlined above, there are additional advantages to having an enterprise-wide training platform, including:

    • Easy to coordinate and deliver: Online training software makes it incredibly simple to coordinate, organise, and set up the training that empowers your partners to do great work.
    • Offer useful training: Help your extended network use training when they need it with material available online and on-demand.
    • Standardise training: Keep training consistent across your network, so everyone works from the same information helping to strengthen your business and brand.
    • Save training time: Help partners use training as they work with web-based classes available online and on-demand.
    • Available everywhere: Making it so easy for partners to log in and complete courses on their schedule from any device, 24/7, anywhere in the world.


    Adopting the TalentLMS platform enables your organisation to also:

    • Reach everyone: Create unlimited sub-accounts to organise your network across branches, countries, or partner types and manage them all from one place.
    • Match your style: Customise the look and feel of your account so that the platform fits your precise needs.
    • Offer a user-friendly experience: Delight partners with an inviting interface that’s easy to learn and fun to use.
    • Engaging gamification: Make learning addictive and improve training outcomes with points, badges, and leader boards.
    • Produce customisable certifications: Offer accreditation as part of extended enterprise training, with a customisable certification management tool.
    • Generate Progress reports: Capture and measure the information you need to keep track of your partners’ progress with a simple, but powerful reporting engine.
    • Speak to your extended stakeholders in their own language. Learners can use TalentLMS in their own language.
    • Sell courses online: TalentLMS comes with native support so that you can use eCommerce applications for selling courses or offer eLearning content subscriptions.
  • Customer Training

    An educated customer is a better customer. Customer training software makes it incredibly simple to develop, deliver, and manage the training programs that turn customers into power users. Switching to a Learning Management System brings big benefits to the entire customer experience, including:

    • Create courses quickly and easily with tools that are so intuitive that you’ll have no problem maintaining content as your product changes.
    • Available everywhere: Help customers get the answers they’re looking for when they need them with web-based classes available online and on-demand.
    • Easy management: Manage courses, users, and day-to-day admin easily from an all-in-one dashboard.
    • Save support time: Reduce time spent on easy queries by opening training to customers to learn your product well.


    Achieve online customer training success with TalentLMS

    TalentLMS is designed to make every aspect of your online customer training succeed. It’s easy to use and packed with features, providing your training with a competitive edge.

    • User-friendly experience: Delight customers and trainers alike with an inviting interface that’s easy to learn and fun to use.
    • Connect with your tools: Offer just-in-time training and an uninterrupted user experience by integrating with other tools such as Salesforce.
    • Auto-management: with the ‘set-it-and forget-it’ features that organise and manage your training for you.
    • Speaks their language: Make customers all over the world feel at home by switching the platform to the language they’re most comfortable in.
    • Reach everyone: Create unlimited sub-accounts to offer training to both customers and employees from one platform.
    • Go live: Offer educational webinars from the same platform to meet your customers face-to-face and answer their questions.