eLearning Consultancy Services

Developing and setting up a company's digital learning content involves understanding learning approaches and a company's requirements. This is the basis for mapping out the key areas for setting up an eLearning project.

What we can do for you

Interactive Courses & Graphics: Besides developing engaging e-Learning courses, we are also skilled in the design and development of all types of digital learning material.

Mobile Learning: We ensure that your eLearning modules are set-up to be responsive so that they can be viewed on all devices (desktop, tablet or smartphone)

Video and Animation: We can author your explainer videos, conduct interviews, induction videos, lectures, record presentations, seminars and product shoots. Video has been proved to be a very effective and engaging medium for learners

Virtual Reality: We are experienced to work with you to create virtual reality content for you. VR simulations are key for generating immersive environments that learners can interact with and learn form.

Blended Learning: Working with Subject Matter Experts, we develop all the resources needed to create interesting, engaging and effective blended leaning material. eLearning could be designed for self-paced, remote learning, face-to-face, as micro-learning modules made available at the point of need (‘Just in Time Learning’) or any combination of these.

Assessments, Polls and Quizzes: We’re able to create pre-assessments, self-tests, quick quizzes and post-assessments to track the learners progress and to report on the success of a training programme.

Software and Systems Simulations: Using innovative techniques we can guide learners through the steps to learn how to effectively use new software whilst also learning “why”.

Voiceover and Audio: We pride ourselves in using excellent audio in all our eLearning material. We can also add professional voiceover to any of your eLearning projects.

Rollout and Launch: We work with you to draft a launch strategy and support in any way we can to effectively launch your new system and programmes

Our eLearning Consultancy Benefits

  • We work with you to produce bespoke eLearning material that delivers on your desired outcomes and helps to achieve your company goals
  • The eLearning reduces the cost of training
  • Training available when your people need it at a time that suits them and the business
  • Vastly improves the onboarding process reducing the onboarding time and making the onboarding more effective
  • Significantly reduces compliance and regulation risks with rapid development, just in time delivery and reporting of completion and recertification
  • Improves company culture and employee engagement
  • End-user training helps embed new systems quicker for companies and suppliers and ensures companies/suppliers keep users up to date with new releases, tips and tricks
  • Ability to effectively complete product and service training for customers and suppliers significantly improves customer retention and vastly improves supplier service provision
  • The ability to sell online courses via ecommerce allows companies to commoditise their eLearning material

What does success for you look like

  • A clear strategy is in place with agreed, signed off milestones and outcomes
  • Projects are delivered within budget and on time
  •  eLearning directly impacts upon the company's performance and goes a long way to helping the company achieve its strategic objectives
  • Learners will have a positive experience whilst going through the eLearning and achieve their stated outcomes following the completion of the course.
  • Companies will achieve more via a digital learning approach with fewer resources and less investment.
  • Suppliers will improve their client retention and improve product/service experience
  • Training suppliers will create another revenue stream selling learning material and services online

What Next

For more information on our eLearning Consultancy Services or to discuss your requirements, please contact us on tel +44(0)1908 030360 or email: info@tugelapeople.com. Alternatively complete the ‘Get in touch’ form and a member of our eLearning team will be in contact with you.