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Support Bundles

Support bundles are based on a set number of hours over a predetermined period of time.

This package is ideal for clients requiring hands-on support as and when is needed. Additionally where the nature of the support required does not warrant engaging with an associated partner for Short Order Queue (SOQ) work.  Examples include system queries, administrative tasks, enhancement requests, configuration, issue resolution, report-writing, tweaking a workflow, data loading, adding/editing WX content, configuration, and coaching/guidance when required.

The clients' issues can be resolved quickly by a consultant who knows their needs and system setup.

The Offer:

Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum support options

Instead of committing to a monthly fixed fee, clients can purchase pre-paid packages on a smaller scale based on the number of hours of support required. You decide how much support you need and how you use it.

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** payment is required in full at the start of the contract. The monthly costs are shown for illustration purposes only.

As part of this offer:

  • Clients have 12 months to use the agreed hours from the contract's start date.
  • The support provided in any given month will be limited to 4 hours. However, clients can request additional hours in any given month, subject to approval and availability. Requests for additional time will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and we will endeavour to accommodate these. However, to avoid disappointment, we recommend using the allocated time within the agreed time frame
  • We pride ourselves in knowing your system set up to make resolution time quicker. To enable this, a 4-hour 'lite-touch' system familiarisation will be carried out at the beginning of the contract so the Managed Services team can review the setup and configuration of your Sage People system and discuss your future requirements.


What the support looks like

  • Your team will be supported on a day-to-day basis and can contact your Managed Services dedicated resource for additional support when required. This approach will result in a quick resolution of system issues by a consultant that knows your system and requirements.
  • We use our in-house expertise in system implementations, training and project management to resolve queries before reaching out to Sage People, ensuring speedy resolution of cases.
  • We will work with you to utilise the system to meet your objectives and suggest how to apply new releases to achieve your company goals.


The benefits

Having an adequate level of resources with the appropriate requisite skill set is paramount to ensuring the ongoing successful utilisation of your Sage People system. When you engage with our Managed Services division, we will provide you with the expertise on how to make your SagePeople HR System work for you. Have peace of mind that you are being supported by certified Sage People consultants with extensive HRIS, system implementation and HR experience.

We'll use our extensive experience to continually improve your system, making your business smarter and opening more opportunities.

Full details of our Support Bundles for Sage People are contained in our brochure

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Support Bundle for Managed Services. Read more

Help is at hand

If you would like to learn more about the services offered or discuss your potential requirements, please reach out to us on tel +44(0)1908 030368 or email: Alternatively, complete the ‘Get in touch’ form and a member of our team will contact you directly.


Full details of our Managed Services support for Sage People are contained in our brochure

Click on the image below to download your copy now:

Managed Services for Sage People brochure. Download now