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Tugela People 2020 Colleague and Giver of the Year

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  • Author: Thomas Schilling

Recognition is a major part of our ethos and serves to complement our company values of TrustUnderstanding, Gratitude, EqualityLaughter and Agility.

Individuals within the company are given the opportunity to recognise the contribution of other colleagues throughout the year, according to our company values, by awarding ‘Wow’ points. This can be for a job well done, support on a project, input to company output etc.

As part of this, we run a monthly draw at our townhall meetings for all colleagues who have been awarded WOW points during the previous month. Recipients receive not only companywide recognition, but also a voucher, which they can choose to spend, or donate to a charity. If they choose to donate this to one of the charities that Tugela People supports, then the company will match this contribution.  The charity currently supported is MK Food Bank – Sowing the seeds of Love.

At our end-of-year companywide meeting in December, we review who has been awarded wow points and ask the team to nominate who they think should be recognised as ‘Colleague of the Year’

The guiding criteria for this is: The colleague….

  • is productive
  • is enthusiastic
  • is reliable & dependable
  • has a positive eye on work responsibilities, customers & colleagues – a role model for others
  • delivers exemplary service in daily work & a notable contribution to the company
  • is an expert in knowledge & experience in the business
  • has the willingness to work in a team setting

Our congratulations go to Jamie Wilkins, Head of Managed Services, who has been awarded ‘2020 Colleague of the Year’ by the Tugela People team. 

Jamie Wilkins, Head of Managed Services at Tugela People. Read more,.Jamie has been instrumental in building and developing the Managed Services division, growing the team and continues to expand on the services that we offer. Jamie is a real asset to the company and well liked and respected amongst his peers.


Additionally, congratulations goes to Nicki Bond, Marketing Manager, who has been awarded ‘2020 Giver of the Year’ having given 14 wow points over the past year.

Nicki Bond, Marketing Manager at Tugela People. Read more.Nicki joined the company as our marketing consultant in January last year to support our company marketing initiatives. Having quickly established herself within the role, Nicki was promoted to Marketing Manager after a months’ probation, and now spear heads all of Tugela’s Marketing strategy and related activities.