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Trustpilot global rollout of Sage People

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  • Author: Jamie Wilkins

Tugela People supports Trustpilot in the global rollout of Sage People through additional ongoing support via Managed Services

About Trustpilot

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Trustpilot was in the process of configuring Sage People (originally Fairsail, prior to the acquisition by Sage) ahead of a planned global implementation and roll-out of the system, when they first engaged with the Tugela People team. The plan was for Trustpilot to undertake most of the Sage People implementation in-house, but they required much needed support in terms of configuring the different fields, objects, WX portal and workflows in addition to uploading data into the system.


Trustpilot engaged with Tugela People on direct referral from their Sage People Implementation Consultant. The Trustpilot team had first read the system guides, made an attempt internally and then reached out to Tugela People for additional insights and support. Tugela People helped not only with the initial implementation and roll-out of Sage People, but have been continuously providing ongoing optimisation and maintenance of the system through their Managed Services division.


Sage People was implemented globally across the whole organisation, using the WX portal as their intranet. The implementation of Sage People has provided Trustpilot with a solid employee master data system, which includes time & attendance, robust reporting and an intranet all combined in one system. After the roll-out and adoption of the system globally, Trustpilot has kept working with Tugela People in providing support with the roll-out of new functionalities and ongoing system optimisations.

After the implementation of Sage People, I have relied heavily on the support from Tugela People for further system optimizations and configurations based on our needs. They always respond extremely fast and competently, and I know that the advice I get from Tugela People is spot on. What I appreciate the most is that I do not only receive an answer to my specific question at hand, but more detailed and holistic support surrounding the issue, which entails aspects that I was not aware of.

I can highly recommend working with Tugela People as a customer of Sage People. They are my heroes.

Amalie Lange, Head of People Analytics, Trustpilot

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