The deadline for migrating from Absence to Time Off is coming…… banner


The deadline for migrating from Absence to Time Off is coming……

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  • Author: Zoe van Lokven

It was recently communicated that the Sage People Time Off process must be enabled for all clients by October 2021.

Time Off is the latest process for all Vacation and Absence records within the Sage People system, completely replacing the Sage People Absences process. Though this does look similar for users with HR Portal access and is identical for WX-only users, there are some added benefits to you, your business, and your employees with the improved Time Off process.

Benefits of the new Time Off process

Unlike the current Absence process, the new Time Off process includes additional benefits, such as:

  • The Accrual Log, which replaces the Absence Calculator found in the absence list view on the employment record, is more detailed and includes accrual year filters and FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) values.
  • New features, including:
    • Work Schedules
    • Accrual Balances
    • Partial Days
  • Full support for any bug control and remedy

The 6 steps to ensure a successful migration

  1. Check which process you are currently using: you can identify this by viewing the features section in the Fairsail Human Capital Management (HCM) installed package which can be located in the setup menu.
  2. Undertake a full sandbox refresh: this is advised so your sandbox can be used for the required testing, prior to enabling the process in the live system.
  3. Check your data for gaps: missing values on days and hours fields can trip up the Time Off system, due to the accuracy of the new process.
  4. Absence accrual patterns, their rules, and seniorities must be in place and audited to ensure the precision required from the patterns is available for the Time Off process to be able to function. For example, ‘Rounding Mode’ must have value (selection must be made from the available picklist), and ‘‘Base Date’ must be completed.
  5. Thoroughly check through your absence records: It is important that absence records are thoroughly checked by using a comparison report of the old Absence Process against the new Time Off process results in a sandbox. Any discrepancies between Absence and Time Off data identified must be corrected before going ahead with turning the Time Off process on in your live system.
  6. Run a full report comparison to ensure all corrections have been complete and then……

Time to turn on your Time Off!

Be aware of your Trip Hazards!

  • Days/Hours left blank or entered incorrectly in Absence Records.
  • Absence Adjustments and Absence Accrual that don’t have the correct Absence Accrual Rule linked to them.

Let Tugela People Managed Services support you

The Tugela People Managed Services team has the expertise and experience to ensure the successful migration from Absence to Time off, having worked with several clients to support this. The process can take as little as 4 hours to complete but is dependent on the age of your Sage People System and the number of team members.

Contact us today and let us support your business in providing this improved Time Off resolution to your employees. We will be able to help you every step of the way. You can reach us on tel +44(0)1908 030368 or email: Alternatively, complete the ‘Get in touch’ form and a member of our Managed Services team will contact you directly.

Full details on the steps required for your migration can be found in the Sage People Community support guide.

Zoe van Lokven,, HRIS Business Analyst at Tugela People. Read more.This article has been authored by Zoe van Lokven, HR Business Analyst for Tugela People.  Zoe is responsible for providing first-line support for our Managed Services clients, helping them with their Sage People queries, an expert in the Time Off migrations, troubleshooting, enhancements, coaching, and ongoing support.