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Implementing Sage People across 25 Countries

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  • Author: Thomas Schilling

About u-blox:

ublox. Learn more.u-blox are a Swiss-headquartered global semiconductor and GPS developer and manufacturer. They have multiple sales offices and development centres worldwide. They are rapidly growing through organic growth and acquisitions.


Their rapid rate of growth meant that the need for an integrated HR system became pressing. They needed a HRIS system that was scalable, was easy to configure and that was flexible and could integrate easily with their other systems.

Also, they were already Salesforce users and wanted a system that they were familiar with and that could provide real-time, quality data, without compromising security and privacy.

They selected Sage People from their shortlist because it met all the above criteria and would provide visibility of their global workforce that is spread across 25 countries.  Once Sage People had been purchased, Tugela People, an accredited implementation partner, managed the entire implementation project for them with full responsibility for all the phases and ad hoc training.


The first phase of implementing Sage People was to configure the system. This included the Collaboration Portal as well as the Core HR, HR Departments and Policies, Work Locations, Exchange Rates, HR Requests, Collaboration Portal, Workday Patterns and Absence Accrual Rules, Reporting, SSO, AD and API Interface.

In addition, Tugela People undertook a comprehensive performance review which they integrated into the existing system.

The next phase was to focus on Performance Management, Resource Planner & Recruit. In addition, Tugela was charged with managing the upgrade from CP to WX and undertaking additional staff training.


Sage People is configured correctly across 25 countries to meet u-blox’s needs, so managers can now enjoy an easy-to-use HR system that gives them workforce visibility and a user-friendly dashboard with real time data so they can make decisions more easily.   The flexible new system allows u-blox to add new locations and businesses, quickly and easily. They also have Tugela People available to provide support or training as required – a cost effective on demand HRIS partner.

Peter Fuchs, the Senior HR Director says “Tugela has been instrumental in leading us to good decisions when implementing new processes. Sage People (formerly Fairsail) is very flexible and in the early stages it is not always evident which approach will be practical in a given setting. In these situations, Tugela’s deep understanding of HR processes and their Sage People experience have helped us a lot to define the optimal approach. Besides, they are very service-oriented and go out of their way to assist if changes have to be implemented on short notice.”