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Get into the spirit with a Spring Clean of your Sage People HRIS

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  • Author: Jamie Wilkins

With Spring official here, now is the perfect time for you to undertake a Spring Clean of your Sage People HRIS in the form of a Technical Adoption Overview.

The tremendous changes that have taken place over the past couple of years have enforced rapid transformation in the way businesses adapt and respond, putting additional pressure on HR teams to support the workforce and align their practices and processes to the overall business

With enhanced digitalisation and HR automation, there is an increased demand for HR to get more involved in strategic planning and market analysis. Both the current set of changes and those required in the future will challenge HR to adapt with new skills and process requirements in addition to providing the expertise to help business leaders develop skills to respond.

While not all change will be as abrupt or profound as the adaptations required by unanticipated and unprecedented business disruption (such as the recent pandemic), it’s clear that the tools HR are using are critical to ensuring effective and engaging workforce experiences. Therefore, it is essential to understand how efficient your Sage People HR System is working and if you are utilising it to its full effect whilst continuing to deliver against your strategic business objectives.

By undertaking a Technical Adoption Overview, it will serve to answer questions such as “has the system achieved the objectives outlined at the time of implementation?”, “does it continue to support the user as required, effectively and efficiently?”, “do we need any system enhancements or additional functionality” and “what supplementary investment, training, and support do we need?”. Additionally, Sage People frequently release new updates and functionality that you are unaware of or taking advantage of.

The adoption overview process will involve a technical run-through of Sage People functionality. It will help determine which areas of the system you are/are not using, highlight any critical areas for development, and assist with producing a system roadmap based on your priorities alongside our recommendations.

Often, this can be a great starting point to understand where there are gaps - systems evolve, businesses progress and change over time, which can often mean that the system you initially implemented no longer meets your needs.

Learn more by clicking on the image below to download a copy of the brochure.

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