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Revolutionising Payroll Management with Sage People

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We're excited to expand our partnership with Sage by introducing the Sage People Payroll solution to our portfolio! This addition represents a major milestone in our dedication to enriching our services and addressing our clients' growing requirements.

A Comprehensive Payroll Solution

The Sage People Payroll solution stands out as an exceptional tool for businesses seeking to streamline their payroll processes while ensuring compliance and efficiency. Designed specifically for the UK market, this comprehensive solution offers seamless integration of payroll functions with your existing Sage People HR system, delivering unparalleled accuracy and control. One of the exceptional features of Sage People Payroll is its ability to automate complex payroll calculations, reducing the risk of errors and saving valuable time. By automating these processes, businesses can focus on strategic activities that drive growth and employee satisfaction.

With the Sage People Payroll solution, employee data updates, benefit changes, and payroll processing can be executed more quickly and accurately. This efficient data sharing ensures that all departments have access to the most up-to-date information, reducing delays and errors in payroll processing. The improved accuracy and data management will lead to fewer errors, fewer payroll-related enquiries, and, ultimately, higher employee satisfaction.

Another key feature of Sage People Payroll is its real-time analytics and reporting capabilities. These features are not just tools; they are game changers, empowering businesses to make informed decisions based on the most recent payroll data. This level of insight is crucial for maintaining financial health and optimising workforce management. It enables your organisation to make data-based decisions about your people, creating meaningful change for employees, teams, and the organisation.

Sage People Payroll ensures full compliance with the latest UK payroll legislation, providing businesses with peace of mind that they are meeting all regulatory requirements. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible for HR professionals of all levels, promoting ease of use and enhancing productivity across the board. For your payroll team, Sage People includes a single payroll processing screen for payslips, BACs, and pensions, making the system easy to use and mitigating room for error.

By adopting Sage People Payroll, businesses can not only improve their payroll accuracy and efficiency but also gain a competitive edge in managing their workforce effectively.

The Sage People mobile app also enables organisations to enhance their employee experience by ensuring timely and accurate payroll processing and providing self-service capabilities. Employees can access and update their information and view pay slips, reducing the need for manual paperwork and administrative support. This self-service functionality empowers employees to take control of their HR and payroll-related tasks, leading to greater satisfaction and engagement.

Benefits of integration

With direct integration into the Sage People HRIS, Sage People Payroll ensures the smooth flow of HR and payroll data, enabling seamless operations. This effectively eliminates data silos and ensures that all employee information is housed in a single, unified system, providing a ‘single source of truth’, with data such as employee records, attendance, and salary details flowing smoothly between HR and payroll functions. As a result, the risk of errors and discrepancies is significantly reduced, saving valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry and reconciliation.

Another major advantage is the boost in compliance and reporting accuracy. With Sage Payroll being directly integrated with the Sage People HRIS, all employee data is consistently updated and synchronised, ensuring that payroll calculations and HMRC submissions are always based on the latest information and reducing the risk of non-compliance. Additionally, the robust reporting tools deliver real-time insights into payroll expenses, employee attendance, and other critical metrics. This feature enables HR and finance teams to make well-informed decisions quickly, enhancing strategic planning and financial management.

Expanding our expertise

At Tugela People, our partnership with Sage People is a cornerstone of our success story. We were proud to be the first partner to collaborate with them over the past 12 years. We have maintained a strong relationship, overseeing more than 250 implementations of the Sage People HRIS worldwide. This extensive experience has provided us with deep insights into how these systems work and the expertise needed to implement and support them effectively.

Building on this foundation, we have naturally expanded our services to include comprehensive payroll solutions. Our deep understanding of Sage People HRIS has enabled us to seamlessly integrate the Sage People payroll solution into our offerings. This synergy allows us to provide our clients with a unified HR and payroll experience, optimising their systems for maximum efficiency. By extending our services to include payroll, we are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the full range of support needed to thrive in their HR operations

Advancing HR and Payroll Systems

At Tugela People, we're proud to be spearheading transformative HR and payroll solutions for esteemed clients like The Big Motoring World and St. Modwen.

Our partnership with The Big Motoring World, a top 10 UK dealer boasting over 650 members, commenced with the successful implementation of their Sage People HRIS late last year. Working closely with their team, we tailored the system to meet specific needs, laying a solid foundation for enhanced HR operations. Now, we're excited to embark on implementing their Sage Payroll system, aiming to deliver a seamless, integrated solution that complements their HRIS. This ongoing collaboration underscores our commitment to guiding clients through their entire HR and payroll journey, ensuring systems are finely tuned for optimal performance.

Meanwhile, our journey with St. Modwen, a distinguished logistics and housebuilding developer with a rich 30-year history across England and South Wales, began after a thorough review and requirements analysis. Opting for Sage People HRIS, Sage People Payroll, and TalentLMS reflects St. Modwen's strategic initiative to streamline operations and achieve substantial cost savings. This transition highlights their commitment to enhancing efficiency and bolstering support for their expanding workforce. At Tugela People, we're eager to collaborate closely with St. Modwen, leveraging our expertise to ensure a seamless integration and deliver tailored solutions that align perfectly with their business goals. Together, we're paving the way for optimised HR and payroll management, driving success and growth for our valued clients.

Elevating Client Success with Sage People Payroll

With the Sage People Payroll solution now part of our comprehensive service offerings, Tugela People remains dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions and services that exceed expectations and contribute to our clients' success. We look forward to introducing Sage People payroll to our clients and supporting them every step of the way as they harness the power of this innovative payroll solution.

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