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Engaging Employees and Unlocking vital People Insight

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About Frank Recruitment Group

Frank Recruitment. Read more.Frank Recruitment Group is a leading international specialist technology staffing business based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.  They employ more than 1,800 people across the world, and have nine recruitment brands, focusing primarily on products within the enterprise resource planning, client relationship management, big data, and cloud computing segments.


Frank Recruitment Group’s various existing HR systems were no longer meeting their needs. They were not able to provide a consistent employee experience across countries and with insufficient up-to-date people data were struggling to manage their talent effectively.

As a rapidly expanding multinational organisation, they needed a robust HR system that could keep pace with their rapid growth and operate efficiently across different markets and languages. They also needed a solution that could enable them to engage consistently with employees and gain a holistic view of their available talent.


After reviewing various HRIS vendors, they selected Sage People for its scalability, configurability, and powerful analytics.

To ensure that the system was implemented effectively and efficiently Tugela People were contracted to help implement Sage People and then also to provide ongoing Managed Services.

With their expert ass/sage-people-sales-and-support-services/sage-people-managed-services/istance, the platform was set up to meet the unique requirements of the business. For example, to better manage their talent across the globe, My Markets was configured to provide reports on what products their people sold in which territories. Likewise, the Employee Relations Screen was constructed to meet their needs.

The launch of the self-service proposition was a success and very well received across the organisation, aided by the engaging branding and excellent help guides made available.


With the input of an experienced implementation partner, Frank Recruitment Group was able to enjoy the benefits of the system immediately. They not only have a more efficient HR function with instant access to people data, and an engaging employee experience, but they also have peace of mind with support provided by Tugela’s Managed Services.