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Understanding the scoping process

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As the Professional Services account manager for Tugela People, part of my role is to provide pre-sales support in the early stages of a prospect’s Sage People journey. If you are considering implementing the Sage People HR System or about to begin the process, the article below will guide you through the procedure, importance and benefits of a scoping call.

What support do we provide?

During the Sage People journey, the Account Manager provides scoping, quoting, detailed statement of work creation, advice and guidance to ensure a successful and cost-effective implementation.

What does the initial engagement with the Tugela People Account Manager look like?

Building on an already established relationship with your Account Executive (AE) and Solutions Consultant the Account Manager is engaged at a the point in the project where the success criteria have already been defined, and you are ready to move to the implementation effort estimation stage.

The Account Manager will have a detailed handover session with the Account Executive to discuss the success criteria, desired outcomes and critical path items from the Sage People solutions. We will then set-up an initial introduction with your core project team.

What is the purpose of Implementation Scoping Calls?

Implementation scoping calls ensure that the success criteria and outcomes for the project are aligned across both your project team and the implementation team. While this can often be achieved within a single scoping exercise we can and will, where necessary, perform this over several meetings.

What is covered and what do we recommend to ensure that the call is successful and productive?

We cover all items that will affect the overall effort required to implement the Sage People solution. To ensure that the implementation is a success, we provide guidance, consultation and advice on the best approach to achieve the desired outcomes from a functionality, sustainability and cost-effective perspective.

To ensure that the scoping call(s) are productive, we always suggest that the relevant individuals with in-depth, company specific HR knowledge are in attendance.  

These individuals should have a broad knowledge of the entire business’ HR processes. While we appreciate, they may not know the details of every process, it’s important to limit the number of attendees on the call.  We can always follow up with further calls, if necessary.

What can you expect as an output from this call?  

With the details gathered in the scoping calls, we will create an implementation effort estimate proposal and initial draft of a statement of work.

Sabrina Millard, Account Manager at Tugela People. Read more. Learn more.This article has been authored by Sabrina Millard, Account Manager for the Tugela People Professional Services division. Sabrina is the first point of contact with prospective clients and the main point of contact for our current customers.

Sabrina has over fifteen years’ experience specialising in Payroll and HR and her expertise includes: system implementations, budget negotiations, project management and building strong client relationships.

What Next

For more information about the Sage People HR System or to discuss your implementation needs ahead of adopting the Sage People solution contact us directly on email: info@tugelapeople.com or call +44 (0) 1908 030360. Alternatively click here to learn more