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Sage People Summer ’21 Release

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  • Author: Nicki Bond

Sage People recently announced their Summer '21 Release, which includes new Continuous Performance Management functionality and enhancements to Time Off reporting (as well as new functionality surrounding I-9 and E-Verify for the US).  All of this functionality is now available in production environments.

Continuous Performance Management

Improvements have been made to enable continuous performance management, including the introduction of enhanced objectives and continuous conversations.

On-demand feedback from managers and peers

This functionality is now available as part of the Performance Management package.  It enables managers to request, gather and deliver instant feedback for their teams, in addition to gaining feedback from third parties and partners. It also includes the ability to see how both their direct or dotted line reports are performing.

Employees can also request feedback about themselves from both internal and external parties. They can see the responses in real-time, allowing changes to be implemented and acted on sooner.

HR can choose to standardise feedback across the business by creating feedback templates that employees and managers can choose from, so any feedback given can be more focused and aligned to company strategy and values.

Improvements to Enhanced Objectives

Further to the Spring '21 release, you can now control which actions send out email notifications with the ability to add extra fields from the objective itself. In addition, company branding can also be incorporated, enabling you to maintain a more consistent corporate experience for your employees.

Enhancements to Time Off reporting

The addition of a new Absence Day Record allows you to clearly see how many absences took place over any time period you choose—whether this is by calendar month, specific pay period or even daily. In addition, for customers using Payflow, it will now be possible to export absences in this daily format to help with payroll processing and allow final salary payments to be easily calculated.

Brand new functionality in this release includes the ability to retrospectively allocate historical absences to the correct months.  Reporting has also been simplified with the introduction of new fields. Additionally, day records can now be logged as half days. You can also control which of your absence rules create day records if you want to exclude certain types to limit data storage.

New functionality surrounding I-9 and E-Verify (US only)

The employment eligibility verification process is initiated in Sage People and will guide you through the steps to complete Section 1 of the I-9 through E-Verify. The I-9 status will be tracked in the team member record with an audit trail.


Full details of the release along with the release webinar are available on the Sage Community page


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