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Recruitment Technology trends 2023

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HR trends for 2023

According to the latest Gartner report, 'Top HR trends for 2023', recruiting was identified as one of the top 5 HR  priorities for 2023, with 36% of HR leaders saying their sourcing strategies are insufficient for finding the skills they need.

Recruitment teams face several challenges in the current volatile labour market, with low talent supply in traditional talent pools and candidates being harder to attract and convert. Added to this is the 'new normal' for attrition, with talent retention becoming more difficult with the increasingly remote and hybrid way of work.

More effective Recruiting

To address these challenges, in their report, Gartner recommends adopting three strategies, i.e. (1) leveraging market intelligence to identify accessible, not just available, talent; (2) targeting internal, rather than just external, candidates and creating equitable opportunities internally and (3) developing onboarding programs that promote new hire engagement through emotional proximity to the company's mission and tailoring onboarding activities to the individual.

The impact of the hybrid way of working

Hybrid working has advantages for employees, employers, and the environment alike. Among them are improvements in staff recruitment and retention. It's clear that in the new world of work, firms looking to hire top talent will need to consider offering potential employees more autonomy than ever before.

The role of recruiting

The role of recruiting is also changing, according to a report from LinkedIn, 'The Future of Recruiting: 7 Ways Your Role Will Change'.

According to the priorities highlighted in this report, important to note was that over the next five years, a number one priority for recruiting professionals will be to keep up with the rapidly changing needs of an organisation's talent requirements. As automation* progresses, roles are becoming less repetitive and more creative, which will increase the impact of talent on a business. * automation is where technology applications are used to minimise human input.

External recruitment will always play an important role in meeting the talent demands of a company. However, internal recruitment will become an increasing trend as organisations hire more adaptable talent and become more proficient at upskilling internally.

Additionally, better recruitment tools and technology have been highlighted as the number one way to boost recruitment success internally and externally. While technology won't replace the role of talent acquisition staff, it can amplify their efforts, simplify repetitive tasks, vastly improve the candidate and hiring staff experiences, and reduce the amount of administrative work involved in the recruitment process. Thereby freeing up recruiters to focus on the more strategic elements of their roles, including engaging candidates and developing their talent strategy. Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst, was quoted as saying, "Developing an agile, modern, integrated recruiting technology stack is now a top criteria for success."

A great example of the use of technology in the hiring process is the automation of the reference checking process, potentially one of the most time-intensive parts of the recruitment process. Still, its importance remains paramount to gauging the compatibility of new talent entering your business. Automating reference checking can save hours of admin time for your recruitment team and hiring managers. Thanks to advancements in recruitment technology, such as Applicant Tracking Systems, this can be reasonably straightforward to achieve.

Of the many technology solutions and tools available to support the hiring process, the following four were noted as the most impactful on the hiring process:

  • Tools to find and engage candidates
  • Soft skills assessments
  • Video interviewing
  • Tools that analyse the talent market


While recruiters are juggling multiple systems, some recruitment solutions offer a single platform for multiple functions, which can simplify the process. An important consideration when reviewing recruitment solutions is the interoperability with your other systems. This is where system integration plays an important role when adopting new HR solutions.

Building a more effective recruitment strategy

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