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Streamline your recruitment process

Talos ATS is the all-in-one solution for in-house recruitment from Talos360. The platform combines all the best features of recruitment software into one straightforward dashboard, making it easier than ever for hiring teams to attract, engage, and retain top talent in-house.

Hiring can be a challenge for businesses of any size and industry. Talos ATS streamlines the recruitment process from application through to onboarding, ensuring you’re always equipped to attract, recruit, and onboard the best new talent to your workforce - without the need for third-party staffing agencies!

As well as improving performance within your internal HR team, Talos also delivers a fast, effective, and enjoyable recruitment experience for your candidates. This ensures your strongest applicants remain engaged with your employer brand throughout the process, reducing drop-off and ensuring a positive first experience with your business.

Recruitment software to streamline the entire process. More

The platform includes:

  • Intuitive Applicant Tracking System
  • Remote video screening/interview room
  •  Multi-posting advertising suite
  •  Recruiter scorecards & candidate ranking
  •  Automated progression of your strongest candidates
  • Employee onboarding tools and resources
  • Email/SMS automation

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