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The importance of company culture

In today's current landscape, with the great resignation and quietly quitting further driving the need to attract and retain employees, a corporate culture that fosters positivity and the feeling of belonging has become increasingly important. The company's culture will also determine whether employees work in silos or as part of a unified team.

With a large percentage of the workforce now working on a remote first or hybrid basis and less attached to physical workplaces, different dynamics have come into play. Investing in a positive company culture will help to foster shared directives, organisational goals, beliefs, and values that will harmonise employee behaviours. Furthermore, when paired with HR strategies, having a unified culture will enable a company to attain its goals.

In this month's team spotlight, we spoke to Fumie Masuda, an HRIS consultant from within our Professional Services team, who works with clients to implement the Sage People HR System. It is great to see in reality how a positive company culture can impact employee morale and engagement.

What is your background?

"Before joining Tugela in March 2022, I worked within the HR function for over 15 years and was responsible for maintaining HRIS, producing management reports and assisting payroll and finance. I also have a solid customer service background from the early stage of my career".

What Inspired you to join Tugela People?

"As someone who is keen on maths and technology, I wanted to specialise in HR and Payroll related technology and data management. Remote work also suits my lifestyle, gives me flexibility, and optimises my productivity. Aside from the fact that Tugela People operates on a remote first policy, what really made me want to join was the positive customer feedback and other information about the company I read during the application process. I had an impression that this was a customer-focused company with a great work environment, and I wanted to be part of the team. I think I was right, and I am glad I've joined Tugela People".  

How has your journey with the company been so far?

"My experience with Tugela People has been amazing since I interviewed for my role. There have been many challenges and celebrations, and I learn something new every day. There are many learning opportunities, and I enjoy developing my skills and knowledge. Managers and colleagues are all supportive, and there is genuine positivity and a team spirit among us. The leadership team is fantastic in creating and maintaining this excellent company culture. And not to mention – we have fun as well!".

How do you envision your future with the company?

"I joined the company back in March this year, so it is still early on in my journey with Tugela People, and there is still a great deal for me to develop. I want to advance my skills and knowledge to become more of an expert in what I do. Tugela People is a company with so much potential and offers many opportunities to grow and improve. I am excited to see where it takes me in the years to come".

Aside from work, what are your hobbies?

"I enjoy music, photography and travelling. I also practice mindfulness for my well-being".

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