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A Diverse Journey of Business, Passion, and Growth

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Welcome to another ‘Team Spotlight’ – a  series of blog articles focusing on the diverse and talented individuals that make our company thrive. Each edition of this series explores a team member's unique story, experiences, and passions. Put faces to the names behind our success, learn about their roles, and discover what drives them to excel in their respective fields.

This month, we turned the spotlight on Kerryn Schilling, our Business Administrator, who will be celebrating her first anniversary as a member of the team this month.

Kerryn Schilling, Business Administrator, Tugela People. More

Variation is the name of the game!

"I have a diverse range of responsibilities, but my main focus is on finance tasks. This involves keeping track of all incoming and outgoing payments, managing payroll, and handling invoicing. Additionally, I assist with a variety of other tasks, including IT and HR support, answering phone calls, and organising the onboarding and offboarding of employees. Whenever someone needs administrative assistance, I am always willing to lend a hand. My job is always stimulating as it presents new challenges each day and allows me to gain experience in all areas of the business."

From Psychology to Business

"I graduated from the University of Leicester in 2022 with a BSC in psychology. While I have chosen not to pursue a career in psychology, I have found that my degree armed me with a range of transferable skills that I use in my current role. During my studies, I discovered an increasing interest in mathematics, spurred on by my statistics course, which is why I enjoy the financial aspect of my role so much.

I am also an avid equestrian and served as a committee member for the Equestrian and Polo Club during the last two years of my degree. In my final year, I had the honour of being elected club president, which provided me with valuable experience in areas such as budgeting, organising events and problem solving."

Family Business

"Being one of the daughters of the founders of Tugela People, I've observed with keen interest the company's remarkable journey since its establishment in 2012. Throughout this time, I've consistently recognised the company's commitment to valuing and respecting its employees, emphasising a healthy work-life balance, and providing personal growth and development opportunities. These values hold great significance to me.

When the opportunity arose to apply for the company's business administrator role, it felt like a seamless match for my aspirations. Beyond fitting well with my background, this role also allows me to accumulate a diverse range of business experiences."

Embracing Growth and Opportunity

"I am really enjoying my journey and have gained far more from the experience than I had initially expected. Having the autonomy to grow and develop my role has enabled me to focus on finance, a field that has captivated my interest and promises potential growth and advancement. This alignment coincided with the company's evolving landscape, allowing me to embrace added responsibilities. Initially, I joined with the intention of gaining a year's experience before moving on to new endeavours. However, my plans have shifted, given the increasing avenues that have unfolded, particularly the prospects of pursuing further qualifications."

A bright future ahead

"The intention is to initially engage in some bookkeeping courses, followed by pursuing an accounting qualification. With the support of Tugela People, I will then be able to apply these freshly acquired skills, gain additional experience, and expand my areas of responsibility."

Personal Passions

"Horses are a large part of my life. I started riding at a young age but only bought my own horse, Fred, when I was seventeen (and old enough to be responsible for him!). I now have another horse, Kenny, as well as my own car and a trailer, enabling me to participate in hunting, team chases, and eventing and enjoy my horses to the fullest!

I find immense fulfilment in having a clear focus and specific goals to strive for. My experience with horses has imparted invaluable lessons about hard work and commitment, positively impacting other aspects of my life.

I really enjoy spending time outdoors and participating in other sports, including shoot days during the winter season. I am also a member of Young Farmers, a nationwide organisation dedicated to supporting and educating young individuals from farming and outdoor backgrounds. Through this group, we actively participate in community projects and engage in charity fundraising, providing a consistent social outlet and a welcome departure from the routine of daily life. With these commitments, my schedule is consistently occupied, and while I'm always busy, I wouldn't have it any other way!"


Kerryn with her first horse Fred. Read more

Kerryn with her first horse Fred.

Eventing with Kenny. Read more

Eventing with Kenny.

Kerryn Schilling, at Young Farmers club. Read more

Kerryn Schilling, at Young Farmers Club.

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