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Whether you are looking to implement a cloud-based HR system for the first time or are replacing an old one, we can help.

The benefits of adopting a cloud-based system are proven and obvious and include shorter implementation time, lower upfront costs and scalability. In an analysis of 101 ROI case studies, Nucleus Research found that cloud technology deployments deliver 4.01 times the ROI as on-premises deployments over the period from January 2018 to November 2020. Further, cloud deployments allowed the customer organisations to recover the cost of their initial investments 2.5 times faster than for on-premises deployment timetables whilst avoiding the obvious pitfalls. Since 2012 our expert team have helped hundreds of international mid-range organisations successfully manage the selection and implementation of an HR System.

We take away the hassle of going to market, making sure that you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that are commonly made when selecting a new HR System and ensure that your new system is the right fit for your business.

Additionally, an HR platform does not function standalone, and add-ons are essential. The system you select should provide you with the capability to expand beyond its core features with the ability to integrate with other vital systems such as Payroll and LMS (Learning Management Systems).

At Tugela People, we work closely with you to steer the HR system selection process to an agreed timetable whilst avoiding the obvious pitfalls. Since 2012 our expert team have helped hundreds of international mid-range organisations successfully manage the selection and implementation of an HR System.

HR System Vendor Selection

Working in partnership with you, at Tugela People, we scope what your company wants to get out of the new system, establishing the analytics and KPI’s required. We can also help to map out your people processes and benchmark your existing ones against best practice so that any gaps can be identified.

We believe in engaging stakeholders and users early in the review and selection process. This approach will ensure your needs are aligned with those of the business. It also assists users in understanding how a new system supports those business goals. This early engagement helps to successfully secure and embed the new HR system in your organisation.

Once your requirements are entirely understood and documented, we can work with you to draft a business case for your HR system.

Why work with us to select your HR system?

1. Accessing an unusual skillset cost-effectively

Working with us brings a unique blend of experience and expertise to this vital stage of the project. It prevents the “If I knew what I know today, I would have done things differently” situations.

2. Service and Speed

Our expert insights and experience ensures that you avoid the pitfalls that cause unnecessary delay and serves to focus internal resource on the key steps to take during the selection phase.

3. Immediate Credibility

We are a credible partner with in-depth knowledge of HR Systems. We can help you to achieve buy-in from your stakeholders.

4. A safe pair of hands

We have over 8 years experience in selecting and implementing HR Systems and providing post-implementation support. This is provided by a capable international team of 15 expert consultants who have over 40 years of collective experience with an extensive record in best practices & multi-system HR knowledge.

Why is successful implementation and adoption so important?

Successful implementation and companywide adoption of a new HR System is essential to support ongoing operations and future growth.  All the benefits of an HR System and its essential add-on’s can only be truly realised if the system is tailored and adopted efficiently and effectively. Numerous organisation factors can affect this (as outlined in a study carried out ‘Adoption of Human Resource Information System: A Theoretical Analysis’) including organisational size, management commitment and willingness of employees to embrace the new technology.

Tugela People offers expert assistance on selecting an HR System and other essential integrated solutions. We can also provide implementation services, project management, training and managed services to ensure that the system you adopt adapts and grows with your business needs. As HR System specialists, Tugela People bridge the gaps between technology, people and processes; and also offers Sage People implementation,  integrationproject management and training. We also provide post-launch implementation support through our dedicated, experienced and friendly Managed Services team.

What Next?

For expert help in selecting your new cloud-based HR System,  contact us on tel +44(0)1908 030360 or email: Alternatively, complete the ‘Get in touch’ form and a member of our team will contact you directly.

HR System Selection Checklist

What are the important criteria to consider when reviewing cloud-based HR Technology?

Before starting research on the feasibility of a specific HR System, you must consider some key aspects that will ultimately impact the success of your HR System implementation and adoption:

  • Credibility and stability

    How reliable is the vendor in the industry? Take up references. Check they have the relevant experience of the sector / geographical region you operate in and that their subject-matter expertise is up-to-date and compliant with the new legislation. Do they have an inward investment ethos, and do they get best practice workflows and processes?

  • Service ethos

    When investing in new technology, the service component is vital. Don’t be dazzled by the sales team; look at the whole company’s service ethos. Do they offer guarantees or service agreements? Do they outsource their implementation / after-sales service? If yes, how accountable are partners?

  • HR System Security and data protection

    Data legislation is continually evolving, and as such, the vendor needs to stay up-to-date and ensure they prioritise remaining compliant and keeping HR and employee data safe. Examine their security and data protection policies, also check if the vendor has security certifications.

  • Single-code functionality

    This relates to how the vendor adds additional functionality to their system. Does a vendor add capabilities by acquisitions and partnerships? Check as this can create implementation issues and pose a support risk. Whilst a single application will reduce the number of errors vs multiple ones, acquired modules also sometimes come with a separate database and a separate technical code, which makes it harder to support or keep data synchronised.

    A flag may be when a vendor brings different solution consultants to demonstrate various parts of the application. Often this means that they have added capability through an acquisition or a partnership.

  • HR System Usability

    The usability of the HR system is essential, mainly because it is a crucial factor in how quickly and easily the various internal stakeholders will embrace and use it, which impacts on realising the return on investment.