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Process payroll with confidence

Elevate your workforce's engagement, efficiency, and confidence with a comprehensive HR and people management solution. Built for the mid-market, Sage People Payroll enables companies to pay their people in the UK with confidence and ease, no matter how complex their payroll requirements.

Sage People Payroll provides complete automation and high-quality people information, enabling you to control costs, mitigate compliance risks, and boost productivity while reducing the total cost of ownership.

With direct integration into the Sage People HRIS, Sage People Payroll ensures the smooth flow of HR and payroll data, enabling seamless operations.


Streamlined Processes:

Integrating your payroll and HR data with Sage People reduces redundancy and the risk of errors associated with manual data entry. This consolidation will enable your HR and Payroll departments to work more efficiently, as they will no longer need to manage separate databases or manually transfer information between systems. This streamlining not only reduces administrative overheads but also ensures consistency and accuracy in data management.

Improved Accuracy:

Employee data updates, benefit changes, and payroll processing can be executed more quickly and accurately. This efficient data sharing ensures that all departments have access to the most up-to-date information, reducing delays and errors in payroll processing. This will also improve the accuracy of your payroll processing and data management, leading to fewer errors, fewer payroll-related enquiries, and higher employee satisfaction.

Enhanced Compliance:

Legislation changes rapidly, making it difficult to keep up with payroll requirements. Sage People Payroll has built-in validation rules and automatic error warnings based on the latest legislation, enabling you to automate payroll processing and mitigate compliance risk.

Make informed decisions:

The Sage People Payroll system's comprehensive reporting suite provides valuable insights into workforce trends, payroll metrics, and financial data. It enables your organisation to make data-based decisions about your people, creating meaningful change for employees, teams, and the organisation.

Improved Employee Experience:

Enhance your employee experience by ensuring timely and accurate payroll processing and providing self-service capabilities through the Sage People mobile app. Employees can access and update their information and view pay slips, reducing the need for manual paperwork and administrative support. This self-service functionality empowers employees to take control of their HR and payroll related tasks, leading to greater satisfaction and engagement.

For your payroll team, Sage People includes a single payroll processing screen for payslips, BACs, and pensions, making the system easy to use and mitigating room for error.


Payroll Processing:

    • Fast and robust calculation engine, process payroll for multiple companies at the same time
    • Bulk changes and imports, with built-in migration tools for fast setup and bulk changes.
    • Define criteria for specific earnings and deductions for different payroll groups
    • Process different pay periods, tax and pay rates for different worker types.
    • Automatic pro-rating – starters, leavers, mid-period changes and changes to contractual hours.
    • Real-time interactive dashboards for managing payroll processes by exception.
    • Process manual payments, split payments, on-demand payments and payment reversals.
    • Process retroactive changes such as compensation changes.
    • A self-explanatory year-end tool helps manage the year-end process with ease.
    • Self-service via the Sage People mobile app for both employees and managers.
    • Configurable permissions sets give different stakeholders the ability to manage and provide input before payroll completion.


    • HMRC recognised software - real-time information submitted to HMRC.
    • Pensions auto-enrolment and secure integration with pension providers.
    • Seamless tax calculations and updates.
    • Automatic NI category letter changes and P45/P60 publishing.
    • Meets GDPR compliance and enhanced security data protection.


    • Access to an extensive library of exportable reports (60+), including payroll analysis, net variance, starters/leavers, cost code analysis and the gender pay gap.
    • Customise reports to fit unique needs with flexible reporting capabilities.
    • Group multiple reports into convenient 'report packs' for on-demand access by various key stakeholders.
    • Keep track of changes effortlessly with comprehensive audit reports.

Employee experience:

    • With Sage People HR and Payroll, employees gain enhanced understanding and control over entitlement and payroll details, fostering a superior employee experience.
    • Through employee self-serve, employees can conveniently access payslips, pension letters, and essential documents such as P45 and P60.
    • Employees can view and update personal information, saving HR and payroll managers valuable time.
    • Introduce pay on demand, allowing employees to receive payment instantly instead of waiting for the standard payday.

HR integration:

    • Effective data exchange between HR and Payroll and easy maintenance of high-quality information for accurate processing.
    • Single, simplified billing with one license cost for both HR and Payroll.
    • One implementation project plan for Sage People and Sage People Payroll (for clients who are not already using the Sage People HRIS)).

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