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6 Tips on Choosing an LMS

So, you’ve decided that you need an LMS?

Now you realise how many there are to choose from!  Why not download this easy-to-read guide to help you make the right choice?

The guide provides some helpful tips on things to consider, including:

Top tips for selecting an LMS. Download now.


  1. Your objectives
  2. Budget
  3. Integration with other systems
  4. Features
  5. Training material
  6. Free trial suggestions

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Your partners in learning - Tugela People provides a complete solution for your learning needs

TalentLMS - Your eLearning platform.

A risk-free learning platform that’s Easy to learn. Easy to use, Easy to like and highly rated. Additionally, as part of the free trial, you can also have 14-days complimentary access to TalentLibrary  - a collection of ready-made courses with a focus on soft skills created by TalentLMS.

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Book a demo

If you are not sure if TalentLMS is the right solution for you, why not book a demo? We can take you through the system and give you an insight into the look and feel of the portal. In addition to showcasing the Learner, Instructor and Administrator functionality, we can explain and demonstrate some of the more advanced powerful features of the system such as branches and reporting.

To book a demo, simply complete the 'Get in Touch form' on this page.

TalentLMS Set-up

If you have decided TalentLMS is the right solution for you, then why not take advantage of our set-up and configuration service? Firstly, we will determine what features and advanced functionality you require (through our requirement gathering process) and then set up and customise your TalentLMS for your organisation. This includes the customised branding of your portal and importing of your user data. Optional customised training is also available.

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e-Learning Services

Having a Learning Management System (LMS) is just the start. An LMS provides you with a platform from which to deliver and manage your company's training programs. However, to ensure that the learning delivery is successful, you need to engage your learners through appealing and appropriate content.

Tugela People provides a complete and extensive eLearning service to assist you in producing bespoke  eLearning material, including the custom branding of existing course materials, that delivers on your desired outcomes and helps to achieve your company goals.

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Post Implementation Support

Once your TalentLMS is up and running, we will provide you with ongoing support through our Managed Services division. This ensures that your online training platform is streamlined and continues to meet your organisational requirements.

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System Integration and HR Automation Services

Integration with other key business applications allows you to move data between systems to automate tasks and gain access to integrated reporting. It is, therefore , strategic to combine L&D and HR assets to ensure a successful LMS integration with your existing HR systems.

Integrating your LMS with your HR System will enable you to

  • reduce redundant data,
  • provide more personalised online training,
  • lower the risk of inaccurate user data,
  • help to identify trends,
  • provide more effective online training analytics,
  • improve resource allocation,
  • identify top talent, and
  • improve online training ROI


Tugela People provides a full System Integration and HR Process Automation Service.

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