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Which HRIS System is Best for SMEs?

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Well unfortunately there is no 'one right answer' but if your organisation is looking at HRIS software systems then as a starting point you should first decide which of these two main options suits you best...


1) Do you take advantage of the HR systems that payroll suppliers offer as an additional part of the package.

Providers like ADP, NorthgateArinso, MidlandHR, etc. all offer really good HR systems that connect with their payroll solution, and have remote access based on assigned admin privileges. The main advantage is that the system is already linked to the payroll providers system, this helps ensures that the HR system is maintained properly to ensure that employees are paid on time and accurately.

The downside is that companies are reliant on the supplier of the system to configure process in line with the companies' requirements which adds to the costs, takes away control from the company and reduces flexibility of the system.


2) Or do you invest in a package offered as a service (SaaS) such as Sage People, HR.net and Cezanne.

The benefits of these hosted packages include the fact that you have more control in maintaining and configuring the system, also the packages are upgraded regularly as part of the deal, so the system can grow and change with your organisation.

But potentially on the downside to get the best of these types of solutions does require somebody to actively manage the system and to link it to other solutions (payroll, finance package, etc.) to ensure that true return on investment is realised and the right behaviours are enforced.

A useful website is HR Comparison that lists many HR systems to choose from based on the high level requirements.

Whichever option your organisation decides to pursure it is worth first undertaking a needs analysis to determine what is required; then approach potential suppliers to present their solutions in line with the requirements.

So if your organisation employs between 250 to 5000 staff and is looking at HRIS software options, we can help. Contact us at Tugela People we have not only researched the market extensively but also gone on to purchase, implement, and evaluate a variety of HRIS software packages for clients in the mid range corporate market.