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What is Social HR and What Can it Do For You?

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If you were to ask an expert for definition of Social HR, they would probably respond with words along the lines of "the act of engaging with an organisation's workforce to help create an open and transparent working environment". But truly, what does that really tell us? Social HR adds a potent new element to your HR strategy and business processes. But its purpose and process is often misunderstood, or indeed, not understood at all!

Exploring Social HR...

Here is a simple 'Mind Map' to help you better understand this important new discipline and the various facets to consider. Explore the Mind Map - and if you like it or have any comments, share it with your friends and followers. It's the social thing to do!

The downfall of these technologies and the willingness of HR to comply with their use is that they are finding barriers to entry (and effective implementation and execution). The worries are defined as follows:

  • employees will misuse time on the system (46 percent);
  • upper management is not perceiving a clear need (44 percent);
  • there is a lack of budget (42 percent);
  • and there are concerns about system security (42 percent).

Because of these constraints, companies are noticing that social technology efforts are non-existent, not well-organised and/or poorly explained to facilitate proper and effective use. The Mind Map above contains a number of ideas on how you could get started with Social HR and also details the advantages of doing so. So in essence, all that's left to decide is whether or not the pros out-weigh the cons.