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How to Unlock Your HR data?

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Recently I read an article on the HR Zone website titled "Unlock Data in HR". Towards the end of the article I came across what I think is some excellent, succinct advice on "how do you unlock the value of your HR data?":

  1. Don't wait for the perfect system or perfect time - it will never come. Messy data is often used as an excuse, don't let it be! After all, you have to start somewhere.
  2. Visualise the data as quickly as possible. Visualising data is much more engaging than a row of tables, surfacing anomalies more quickly and facilitating an active, valuable conversation around the data and what it represents.
  3. Collaborate with your finance team. HR and finance share a lot of the same data so by sitting down together you can cross check and benchmark across the business.
  4. Put data back into the hand of the business. Engage those who hold the data. Give them ownership and responsibility for their data, and regular feedback so they can see their progress.
  5. Connect HR inputs to business outputs. HR owns lots of inputs (recruitment, training, engagement, reward) and it has to connect them to business outcomes. Demonstrate the value your data, and more importantly your actions can add.

I hope you agree it's worth sharing and helps you to make more of the HR data at your disposal.

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