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The Cloud has a Silver Lining for HR Professionals

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In the past HR has had to stand in line when asking for upgrades or reconfigurations of their IT system and then often got bumped to the back of the queue. The issue was often how to justify the Return on Investment that could be generated by the upgrades and this frequently derailed any fast tracking of these enhancement projects.

HRIS gives Control Back to HR

With cloud based HR systems there is a silver lining for HR professionals - they can take control of their HR data and reporting.

In new world of cloud... HR systems now need little or no IT support which allows HR the opportunity to optimise the capability of the system. SaaS and PaaS solutions take away the issues of managing hardware and multiple interface packages. Basically it's now far easier for non technology specialists to implement and maintain the system. There are easily implementable opportunities to streamline processes and to interface with external solutions such as payroll to improve the quality of service and reduce costs. HR will also be able to get closer to their 'customers' by making use of self service portals, mobile devices and linking into third party sites (Linkedin, jobboards, social media, etc).

Yes it is exciting times. But... yes there is a big 'but' and that is there needs to be a focus on making the system work for them.

I think it all comes down to focus and ownership. Once that has been agreed then that person must be held accountable to make their investment decision work for the greater good of the organisation. It needs the accountable person to be clear about the desired functionality, what the implementation roadmap looks like, who will be responsible for the implementation, monitoring the progress against agreed milestones and optimising the system. Rather than just jumping ship or blaming the vendor for not being up to scratch.

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