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  • Author: Nicki Bond

Paying our employees correctly and on time is critical to any employee/employer relationship. It also plays a strategic part in attracting and retaining employees and contributing to their well-being. And this year's pandemic has made it tougher—tracking and recording employees working hours and schedules and thus calculating accurate payroll has become increasingly difficult.

In the case of a business that is currently running payroll manually, the first logical step is to seek out a reputable payroll partner to assist in automating and streamlining the process, utilising a payroll system. Those running disparate systems, should also seek out alternatives. Payroll management forms an integral part of any business, and any solution adopted should be flexible, interoperable and adaptable to new technologies.

So, what should you be looking for if you decide to review your payroll arrangements?

1. Cloud-based

The benefits of a cloud-based system far outweigh any legacy system that may be in operation and can reduce the administrative burden and time demands of managing payroll:

  • Empower your employees: employees and managers will have access to their relevant payroll information at any time from multiple devices via self-service or their manager. This also reduces the onus on the company's HR department.
  • Maintaining updates and adherence to latest legislation: cloud-based systems are updated automatically, keeping your payroll system up to date and compliant.
  • Simplified and enhanced reporting: the required data is easily and instantly accessible once it has been entered into the system, making reporting easy and accurate.


2. Integration

Having your payroll and HR systems "speak" to each other is a must! Not only does it save time and avoid duplication; it also ensures that processes are streamlined, and administrative costs and errors are drastically reduced. Most cloud-based payroll solutions available can be integrated with other applications and software programs that your business uses.

3. Configurable and flexible

When investing in a payroll solution it is vital to ensure that the system can meet your businesses demand not only now but into the future, as your needs change and the company develops.

So, in summary:

By finding the right payroll solution, you can streamline your processes, reduce any administrative burden, stay compliant with the latest legislation, be assured that the solution is scalable and keep your employees happy - what's not to like?!

What Next

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