We’ve expanded our solutions portfolio to include Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Because our clients have differing needs from their People Technology, we’re always on the lookout for additional solutions. Most of our customers have operations in several countries, and that means their HR professionals need to resolve challenges that UK-only companies don’t face. One of these, of course, is different language requirements.

With that in mind, when we identified a need for an eLearning platform, Tugela People wanted to make sure the solution we chose would be easy to use regardless of the users’ first language. Additionally, we wanted to ensure that any solution identified could be easily integrated into our customers HRIS. We established a partnership with Epignosis, and can now offer our clients an excellent range of eLearning tools:

Built for business success, TalentLMS is an easy-to-use, feature-rich Learning Management System at a reassuringly fair price. Named as a 2020 Leader in the corporate LMS category in a G2 survey, users say that TalentLMS has helped them build their training quickly and enabled them to go live rapidly.

Built for the enterprise, efront Learning is a robust learning platform for enterprises that need advanced security measures and extensive customisation. It enables volume training of employees, partners, and customers.

Built for mobile, talentcards is a microlearning solution that’s ideal for mobile training. Companies can mass-train their people with easily digestible materials. Create beautiful learning cards in seconds and deliver training over mobile so that it can be used anytime and anywhere. Talentcards is ideally suited to training on safety procedures, compliance, new product knowledge, or any type of learning that benefits from bite-sized information.

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