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Data Integration on Sage People

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Given the increasing demand to integrate external data sources into Sage People so that organisations can enjoy a true single view of their employees, we continue to extend our data integration offering to enable systems to better talk to one another across the Sage People platform.


Getting systems to talk to one another...

There are numerous ways to integrate or connect with third party systems on the Sage People module on the Salesforce Platform. For each project we use a series of questions to identify which technology approach has the best fit. We then look at different data connectors, APIs, middleware solutions, and even robotic workers to merge data across multiple systems to assess which will do the job most efficiently within the time and budget constraints of each data integration project.


Automated data integration on Sage People

A most recent Sage People integration project required end-to-end automation to integrate the client's external systems into Sage People.

Having looked at the customer's current IT tools and system usability we decided to use Active Directory (AD) to synchronise their various data sources. This Microsoft product has several services running on Windows Server which manages permissions and access to networked resources.

Using our PowerShell coding expertise, we enabled the customer to automatically push new employees' data that was added to Active Directory into the Team Member table of Sage People. We also included automatic monitoring for other changes (such as email amendments and line manager changes) to ensure data was up-to-date and consistent across all systems.


To find out more about our data integration services for Sage People

To find out how we can help with your data integration on Sage People, please contact us online or call us on +(44) 1908 030360 today. And we will ensure that your Sage People data is automatically synchronised and consistent across different systems.