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2018 HRIS Trends

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HRIS and HRC tools continue to change the way HR managers in mid-size organisations manage their workforce in 2018.

Excitingly, these cloud-based HR software systems allow organisations to improve their productivity, and save time and money. Besides the lower costs and increased flexibility, they also make the latest in mobile computing, data analytics and behavioural economics accessible to the mid-range business which enables the HR team to own and manage their data and gives them actionable data-driven insight which is available in real-time. Empowering times for HR Managers in mid-sized organisations!

Key HRIS trends for 2018 include...

Using Data for Actionable Insight

The number of mid range organisation's implementing predictive data analysis in 2017 continues to grow, especially as systems like Sage People make data manipulation relatively straight forward.

This provides an exciting opportunity for HR managers to perform analytics and forecasting to generate actionable business insight which has the potential to improve every aspect of the business if the team is willing to put time and effort in developing this element of their HRIS system.

Potentially they can make smarter, more accurate decisions to improve hiring, retention, employee productivity and identify business 'blind spots'. They can now add meaningful findings to the strategic planning process using their real time, accurate data.

Engagement Challenge Continues

Research shows that companies with engaged employees outperform the companies which are not engaged and engaging employees continues to be a key challenge for many organisations in 2017.

HRIS has potential to facilitate communication and engagement with mobile platforms and an exciting array of pulse tools, feedback apps, and anonymous social networking tools. Fostering both external and internal communication is increasingly important part of the HR team remit with HR professional becoming more and more communication savvy as they find ways to communicate meaningfully with employees and candidates.

Shelve Performance Reviews

Many organisations are realise that the effort/reward return of the traditional performance review is flawed and in this rapidly changing world where flexibility is important and regular, if not instant, feedback is more effective (and desired). There is a move to continuous and real-time feedback mechanisms, often underpinned by technology to foster setting goals and giving regular feedback and recognition.

Business Analytics is Here

Business analytics draws together people-related and company data to solve specific business problems (in sales productivity, retention and customer satisfaction).

Rather than the current dashboard we see in HRIS systems, going forward you will be presented by 'recommendations or options' based on clever modelling and data crunching going on behind the scenes. These emerging tools can predict flight risk, assess high potential job candidates, even find unproductive employee behaviour. It is early days but people analytics has the potential to provide great value to a business.

I encourage the HR department to work closer with the finance department as they have the experience, knowledge and data that HR need to produce meaningful business data. As HR director Louise Fisher of Xerox said in an article published on PersonnelToday: "HR is not lacking data, what we lack is the intelligence to understand and act on data."

It is worth noting that when you collect and use data, the responsibility for data security, privacy and protection rests with you. Given the forthcoming changes to data regulation it is worth fully understanding your responsibilities related to it - see our article on the subject General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Are you ready for the new law?

Process Improvements

Implementing an HRIS system has put a spotlight on HR processes in SMEs. This focus is set to continue in 2017 as more mid-range corporates adopt HR automation and the existing HRIS systems continue to develop.

This focus on efficient processes enable HR to be more value driven. By developing transparent, simple processes using HRIS workflows the admin burden is reduced. Also as processes are automated double keying is reduced as is the potential for errors thus allowing those managing staff to get on with value adding activities.

Going forward the integration of systems and data will get easier and I believe this will also go a long way to simplifying processes and data sharing within the company.


Enjoy 2018 and I hope that you benefit from the opportunities that HRIS tools like Sage People offers. If you would like to find out more about any of these HRIS trends please call Tugela People on +44(0) 1327 317701