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Looking for a better way to recruit & retain the best talent?

Talos360 solution for in-house recruitment. More.With over 700 clients, from SMEs to public sector organisations & household brands - Talos360 is the trusted expert in candidate attraction, candidate management & employee engagement. Their market-leading people tech saves time and money whilst providing access to the right talent for your roles.

Streamline Your Recruitment

Save time and implement a recruitment process that makes hiring easier and more efficient with the advanced recruitment software Talos ATS.

Talos360 - technology solution for in-house recruitment. More:

Key benefits:

  • Deliver fast, efficient, and cost-effective in-house recruitment
  • Attract, manage, hire, and onboard new talent easily
  • Store and manage applicant data with an intuitive cloud-based platform
  • Access key candidate analytics to improve your hiring process
  • Automate complex recruitment processes to make hiring easier

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Improve Your Engagement

Improve engagement and boost morale with our intelligent engagement and workforce analytics platform, Talos Engage

Talos Engage - identify the best incentives for your unique workforce. More:

Key benefits:

  • Survey employees easily to identify their wants, needs, and expectations
  • Increase survey engagement/response rates with a gamified interface
  • Stay in touch with the changing sentiment within your workforce
  • Identify and eliminate engagement challenges within your company
  • Prioritise HR spend on the benefits that really matter to employees
  • Gain instant, valuable insights on your HR/people management strategies
  • Build a dynamic HR strategy with in-depth employee insights

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About Talos360

Over the past eleven years, Talos360 has firmly established itself as a market leader in recruitment software, people management technology, and online recruitment media, with innovations in the HR software space solving tomorrow’s talent challenges.

As one of the most exciting and fastest-growing people tech businesses in the UK, their proprietary talent tech offers businesses a better way to attract, engage, and retain the best teams to survive, thrive, and grow.