Tugela People attain accreditation to deliver SSO and AD configuration for Sage People

Tugela People are the first UK partner to be accredited to deliver Single Sign On (SSO) and Active Directory (AD) configuration for Sage People.

Our consultant Iain Clements who gained this certification on behalf of Tugela People commented, ‘With advanced integration and authentication development within Sage and Salesforce, we can massively improve the overall customer experience and ensure appropriate systems are connected and data-synchronised’.

Recent projects have included seamless integration of user accounts and passwords between Microsoft Azure, Okta, Active Directory, Office 365 and other systems offering single sign-on between Sage and other systems. 

For integration work, we have successfully passed data from/to Sage to Active Directory, Okta, Greenhouse.io, Salesforce, Office 365, and are currently working on integrations with Trinet and Netsuite.

With a wide range of APIs available within Sage, Tugela People can help you deeply integrate the Sage system across your business.

Thomas Schilling, Founder and MD said, ‘This accreditation adds another ‘string to our bow’ and serves to further enhance the services we are able to provide as a long-standing preferred partner for Sage People’.

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