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Sage People HR System enhancement: Maximising usage and increasing ROI

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In Sage People, HR requests are commonly initiated via the WX or the HR admin portal and are used to make changes to team member data in Team Member, Employment, Salary and Bonus objects.

A client of ours runs an online business with 100's of work locations across mainland Europe. Due to the unique nature of their business, they needed a simple but effective solution for promotions, job changes & organisational data changes, whilst being simultaneously compliant to company policies, GDPR Regulations, and data quality.

Tugela People Managed Services were asked to work alongside the client and provide a new and improved personalised process, which would have a huge impact on our client's daily operation, with the following objectives:

  • Save time and effort for the HR admins submitting HR Requests
  • Allow managers to concentrate their time and knowledge on their day to day operations
  • Allowed accurate data to feed into other systems via an integration
  • Give management confidence in Sage People and the data
  • Maintain compliance level

We proposed a solution to enhance HR requests that included:

  • Capturing all fields from team member and employment record as part of HR Requests
  • Transforming text fields into picklists for data accuracy and consistency
  • Creating field dependencies to save time and avoid human errors
  • Tracking all future and past changes through an enhanced job history setup
  • Customising validation rules and supporting workflows to automate other field updates, send emails and trigger other processes
  • Implementing a custom approval process that allowed for simple administration
  • A thorough review of fields usage and a chance to tidy up objects and layouts
  • Removal of the object edit buttons to force changes via HR Requests

The key challenges

1. Communication to internal stakeholders:

Our international team provided workforce training in 2 different languages as the client is spread across 6 different countries

2. Resistance to change and new concepts by some end users

To address this, we:

  • Provided extensive support during UAT including creating UAT scripts
  • Delivered formal and informal training to end users
  • Offered continued support via our Managed Services function

The resulting reward:

  • Great feedback from all stakeholders (from admins though to the leadership team).
  • Sage People technology has proved to allow the HR Request process to be customized to the organisation's needs providing accuracy of data quality.
  • Delivery of high-quality reports that drives business decisions.
  • A happy customer that will look to us for future enhancements

Help is at hand

Tugela People's Managed Services helps clients create or build on existing functionality. Let us help you. Please contact us  on tel +44(0)1908 030368 or email: Alternatively complete the ‘Get in touch’ form and a member of our team will contact you directly.