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Employee Data Checklist

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Handy employee data checklist

Why should you collect and manage key data on your employees? It's important because it helps to improve communication throughout your organisation and ensure your company policies and protocols are adhered to.

So now that we have established that it is important what should you collect? Read on for a handy checklist of essential data you need to keep on record for each of your employees.

1. The Essentials

Contact details and residential addresses of each employee should be kept on file. This ensures communication is optimised and every employee receives all the information they need for their job. It is also important to keep emergency contact details on record. This information should be updated as regularly as is necessary to ensure the data is useful and effective.

2. Background

Employers should be well-educated on the background of each of their employees. This includes everything from criminal records to details about previous employment. This type of information helps to determine whether or not the employee is suited to their role. Data in this category should include any past convictions, how many times they changed their job in the past, details of experience gained and how well they performed in their previous roles.

3. Personal Attributes

Up-to-date information about the employees in their current roles should also be recorded. Regular feedback should be noted along with performance metrics and credentials. This information should also include personal interests and specialisms of the employees to ensure they are happy with and well-suited to their roles.

4. Future Plans

Data should be kept on file to help plan the future of your employees within the business of further afield. Information regarding willingness to relocate should be recorded along with potential for internal mobility. This includes opportunities for your employees to progress to leadership and management positions. Each employee should be involved in active career development planning and details of this should also be kept.

Overall the information kept on record about your employees should paint a clear picture, from details about their past, current strengths and the direction they are heading in for the future. Making sure this data is kept up to date is the best way to maximise the potential of each employee and keeps them informed and well looked after within your organisation.

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