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Keeping the communication lines open and building strong working relationships

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Ensuring effective communication between an organisation and its employees, in addition to employees communicating regularly with each other, is key to achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships at all levels of an organisation. The pandemic and resultant remote and hybrid work policies have made this even more essential!

To create a successful team, managers need to fully understand their team members' strengths, weaknesses and skills, as well as having an understanding of an employee's background, interests, personal challenges, and their family situation and life goals.

In this month's Tugela People team spotlight, our colleague Charlotte Edwards has given us a fascinating insight into her role, background and life passions!

Charlotte Edwards, HR System project Manager. Read more

What is your role at Tugela People?

As Project Manager, I work with our customers to support them in achieving their requirements as effectively as possible.

What is your background?

I spent the first 15 years of my career in various generalist roles in HR, first in Investment Banking and latterly for a Management Consultancy. Both experiences provided me with a breadth of experience in People Management, from the initial attraction stage through to managing the alumni population and everything in between.

What Inspired you to join Tugela People?

We relocated shortly after having our youngest child, and I then decided I needed a new opportunity to support these changes. At the time, Tugela People were based very close to my home and whilst doing some research on local companies, I decided to contact them to see if there was any interest in my experience. Luckily for me, there was.

How has your journey with the company been so far?

I joined Tugela People initially as an Implementation Consultant. Whilst I had a great deal of experience within Human Resources and had been involved in implementing HR systems as a customer, this was the first time I had been involved in the technical side. I've always said I'm a people person rather than technically minded, so at the outset, a lot of learning took place. Sage People provide extensive training for partners, so I undertook these courses early on, alongside working with colleagues and gaining experience from them, which really helped.

Last year I took the opportunity to become a Project Manager at Tugela People. This new role has allowed me to bring my skills and experiences gained together, both before joining Tugela People and more recently as an Implementation Consultant, into a role supporting our customers and projects. Whilst it is a continuous learning experience as no two projects are the same, my background, combined with the support I have from my team, has helped me develop in this role.

How do you envision your future with the company?

If only we had a crystal ball! Tugela People has evolved even in the time I have been with the team, and thankfully I have had the opportunities to develop with it. Whilst it has its challenges, I'm enjoying my project management role and bringing together previous experiences and skill sets. I'm keen to continue developing these whilst supporting the development of those around me.

Aside from work, what else do you do, and what inspires you?

I have a young family, and by working part-time at Tugela People, it allows me to have the chance to spend time with them as well as continue my career.

I also enjoy supporting and helping others, playing the role of a mentor outside of work, and volunteering with local charities and organisations when possible. For example, this year I have been able to support local charities providing help to the Ukrainian people and dedicated time to my community by arranging local litter picks and second-hand clothing sales.

Finally, making sure I have some 'me' time when I can is important. When possible, I try to get out for a swim (I love open water swimming, although living in the most landlocked part of the country doesn't make this easy), spending time with friends and family and just making sure I get out for a walk at the beginning or end of a working day.

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