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9 Step Guide to HR Automation

HR Automation (also known as HR process automation or HR workflow automation) is the use of technology that automates recurring HR processes and reduce manual tasks, using predetermined triggers. The purpose is to ensure data flows from the source record in one system to another via a workflow or an integration without sacrificing quality. This serves to reduce manual tasks, increase data quality and the speed of data transfer (real-time), improve the confidence in reports and significantly reduces the time it takes to complete HR tasks. The time savings also equates to cost reductions as well, allowing the HR team to focus on more value-added tasks and ensures better business partnering by the HR Department. Most of all, having the data available in the right systems will contribute to significantly improved data analysis and reporting, leading to better decision-making.

How to approach HR Automation?

If you are looking to harness the power of HR Automation, there are nine simple steps to follow.

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