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Gamified workforce sentiment insights

Want to build a talent-winning workplace benefits package? Talos Engage makes it easier than ever to identify the best incentives for your unique workforce.

Employees simply play the Talos Engage swipe-card game to give crucial feedback on your company’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP). This includes which cultural values matter most/least to them and which incentives they would most like to receive going forward.

Data is formulated into a straightforward report, highlighting the unique expectations of key groups within your workplace.

This allows you to remain ahead of the curve with your HR strategy, giving your employees exactly what they want from their roles – boosting retention and talent attraction.

Talos Engage makes it easier to: 

  • Identify sought-after benefits amongst your employees
  • Align your Employee Value Proposition with workers’ expectations
  • Identify employee engagement challenges before they impact your workforce
  • Prioritise HR spend on the incentives that really matter to employees
  • Improve staff retention, productivity, and engagement with a dynamic HR strategy


Talos Engage - identify the best incentives for your unique workforce. More.

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