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As the UK’s longest-standing Sage People preferred partner, with accredited Sage People training status, we develop and deliver quality Sage People training packages that are flexible and cost-effective. This has formed part of our service offering to global mid-range organisations since 2012.

We offer:

  • Training for HR team members so that they can administer the system effectively – typically this requires 2 -3 intense training sessions.
  • Training for end-users so that they can use the interface to manage their profile – typically this requires 1-2 bespoke sessions.
  • We are also able to produce bespoke end-user training materials.

Who is the training suitable for?

New starters:

Provide any new team member with the knowledge and skills to use your Sage People HR System. Get them up and running without delay so they can effectively and efficiently fulfil their role and make the most of your system.

Existing team members:

Training is not only necessary for new starters, but it is equally important for the existing employee as well. Effective managers have recognised training as an endless, ongoing or continuous process. Providing current team members with refresher training or upskilling on new features and functionality, will maximise their capabilities to make the most of your Sage People HR System and thus increase their performance.

Why invest in training?

Training is a crucial part of ensuring employee performance and satisfaction level. It benefits both the people as well as your company to shape a more efficient, competitive, and engaged workforce.

By providing your people with training on your Sage People HR system you can:

  • Boost the performance and productivity of your people: aides them in growing their confidence in navigating and using the system, thus increasing their productivity and efficiency.
  • Help users acquire and develop new skills: which in turn can increase their contribution to your business, as well as their self-esteem and personal development.
  • Reduce the need for supervision: by providing your people with the skills and knowledge, needed to fulfil their role.
  • Help management reduce costs and assist them to improve upon their managerial functions.
  • Improve morale and make people become more loyal to your organisation, increasing staff retention and satisfaction.
  • Enable your people to undertake new and different tasks - this can lead to job enhancements, promotion and increased motivation and job satisfaction.

Why Outsource your Training to Us?

We want to make sure your team is self-sufficient in making future changes and delivering new functionality. This will reduce the total cost of ownership and ensure you maximise your return on your Sage People HR System investment.

We enhance your in-house expertise by engaging both HR and end-users in a fun, interactive way with quality training that is tailored to your needs.  We are passionate about sharing our knowledge in an accessible way.

Training and System Upgrade Packages

We also offer a popular combination package where we manage the Sage People upgrade on your behalf and provide training to team members, so they continue to get the most from the Sage People enhancements. We understand best practice and can ensure the new interface is set up so you can take optimal advantage of the new functionality and improved user interface.

Bespoke Sage People Training Services

Our popular bespoke Sage People training packages are flexible and cost-effective. They can be delivered on-site, online, or at a third-party training centre depending on your requirements. We offer both one-to-one training as well as group training sessions.

We excel at engaging delegates and providing a relaxed, interactive environment for learning. Active participation is encouraged – we believe in a ‘learning by doing’ approach.

Check out our handy ‘How To’ tutorials – these short, free, practical demonstration videos take viewers through specific Sage People tasks like setting up WX reports or creating custom fields.

How much does it cost?

Training is typically provided at an hourly rate which will be discussed and agreed at the time of booking.

What Next

To find out more about our bespoke Sage People training services, contact us on tel +44(0)1908 030360 or email: Alternatively, complete the ‘Get in touch’ form and a member of our team will contact you directly.

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