Spotlight on Simon Jones, Sage People Trainer

Meet Simon Jones, Tugela People’s lead trainer on all things Sage People. He has over two decades training experience and delivers effective, fun Sage People training on both a one-to-one or group basis. Here are some fun facts about Simon…

Job title:  HRIS TrainerSage People trainer

Nickname? Corporal Jones (Dad’s Army)

Favourite place? Cefalu, Sicily

Favourite app? YouTube

Favourite sport? Tennis

Favourite drink? Crown Royal

Favourite thing about your job? Helping customers to gain the most from their Sage People investment

An overused saying / phrase you use? It’s working for me

Define success?  After training, transfer of skills into the workplace

What’s the next big thing in training? Developments in mobile learning – there is a big opportunity for orgs who can provide engaging, just in time, training for a mobile workforce.

What 3 things would you take to a desert island? wife, son, iTunes subscription..

Check out our Sage People training services here or to contact us for an informal chat to see how Simon can help your organisation with your Sage People training requirements.