Sage People Training

Need effective in-house Sage People training? We can help. As a preferred Sage People partner we have been offering bespoke Sage People training services to international mid-range organisations since 2012.

Effective Sage People Training Services

Our popular Sage People training packages are flexible and cost-effective. They can be delivered on-site, remotely via webinar, or at a third-party training centre depending on your requirements. We offer both one-to-one training as well as group training sessions.

We excel at engaging delegates and providing a relaxed, interactive environment for learning. Active participation is encouraged – we believe in a ‘learning by doing’ approach.

Two main types of Sage People training services we offer:

  1. Training for HR team members so they can administer the system effectively – typically this requires 2 -3 intense training sessions.
  2. Training for end users so they can use the interface to manage their profile – typically this requires 1-2 bespoke sessions.

Why Outsource your Training to Us?

We want to make sure your team is self sufficient in making future changes and delivering new functionality. This will reduce total cost of ownership and ensure you maximise your return on your Sage People investment.

We do this by engaging both HR and end users in a fun, interactive way with training packages that are tailored to your particular requirements. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge in an accessible way. So, to ensure your HR team and end users are properly trained and engaged with Sage People talk to us.

Training and System Upgrade Packages

We also offer individual training sessions for new starters as well as a combination upgrade / training packages. The latter incorporates managing the upgrade on your behalf plus providing training to team members so they continue to get the most from the Sage People enhancements.  We understand best practice and can ensure the new interface is set up so you can take optimal advantage of the new functionality and improved user interface.

What Next

To find out more about our Sage People in-house or remote training please call us on 44(0)1327 317701 or complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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