Sage People Project Management

Sage People health check

Our popular Sage People best-practice health check helps you get the most from your Sage People system.

A health check examines any areas of potential improvement or inconsistencies in your system, from which we propose corrective actions and suggest enhancements as appropriate.  This improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your Sage People system and promotes increased user adoption and productivity.

Why is a health check recommended?

HR Systems are continually evolving— being cloud-based, your Sage People system is often automatically updated with new and improved functionality that you are unaware of and have not taken advantage of. And it’s not only the system that evolves; businesses progress and change over time too. Sometimes that means that the HR system you originally implemented no longer meets your needs. Frequently however, you just need to be making greater use of the system you already have. Requirements change, processes develop, and organisations grow. Having a health check can ensure that your Sage People system can support these changing requirements as they develop.

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